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CIRCUMserum: Renewal Ointment for the Circumcised Man

By Danelle Frisbie © 2012

A new topical product is available for circumcised men that proposes it will help you 'feel what you've been missing.' CIRCUMserum is the latest tool being marketed to the large population of American men who had one of the best parts of their penis amputated at birth - the prepuce. Meant to be an internal organ for life, the glans (head) of the penis calluses over the years when it is exposed as an external organ. This dulls sexual sensation, increases rates of erectile dysfunction, impacts orgasm response and alters the manner in which sexual intercourse functions -- something CIRCUMserum makers refer to as Dullness Syndrome, or DS.

CIRCUMserum was created by Dr. James L. Yeager, who has been at the forefront of topical and transdermal pharmaceuticals. Through Yeager's work at the Centric Research Institute, he formulated the first approved topical treatment for Erectile Dysfunction (ED), among other health care products for men. CIRCUMserum boasts Yeager's newest patent-pending formula, CRI-44, and is the product of his many years of research focused on men's sexual health. He states that this formula is the right combination of natural oils that will serve to once again condition the specialized tissues of the penile glans, mimicking what would have been in place had the foreskin been left to do its thing. CRI-44 also provides just the right amount of biofeedback for most men, so they do not become another statistic of those who have lost their 'trigger reflex.'

The sensitivity of the glans of the penis (or clitoris) impacts sexual response - something sexologists and urologists refer to as the 'trigger reflex.' The prepuce typically boasts upwards of 70,000 nerve endings, and provides a protective sheathe over the glans, keeping it subtle, moist, and precisely sensitive (much like the way our eyelids protect our eyeballs) for both men and women. [In men we commonly call the prepuce organ the 'foreskin' while we refer to it as the 'clitoral hood' in women.] The foreskin is the most nerve-dense organ of the male body, and is highly responsible for normal sexual functioning. In American style circumcision, virtually all of these nerves are amputated, and the sensitive glans is no longer protected in order to do its thing when the time comes: that is, regulate sexual response.

Because these nerve endings serve as the gateway to orgasm build up, when they are missing, there can be a whole host of sexual functioning complications that occur, and these issues tend to become more amplified as men age. CIRCUMserum poses the question: "Ever had an erection but not been able to reach orgasm? It happens to a lot more guys, a lot more often than you might think!" The loss of this trigger reflex may be the culprit -- the nerve endings of the foreskin are completely missing, and the nerve endings in the glans are covered over by multiple layers of old, hardened skin as a result of the glans' altered, external state. CIRCUMserum researchers write:
The keratin, or protein, layer of the stratum corneum [outer glans tissue] is much thicker on circumcised men than on intact men. CIRCUMserum is formulated to rehydrate and condition your glans to bring back those searing feelings of ecstasy with your partner. Doctors are learning that circumcision can reduce sensitivity of the glans in adulthood, affecting sexual pleasure and performance. Men who have been circumcised in adulthood report considerable loss of sensitivity and sexual pleasure. Besides the removal of nerve-dense and reflexogenic tissue, callousing on the exposed glans is another factor in sensitivity reduction. The buildup of a keratin layer on the outer surface of the circumcised glans is a documented phenomenon, and reduces sensation of the underlying subcutaneous nerves. The rise in erectile dysfunction in older men may be linked to loss of sensitivity in the exposed glans due to three factors:  
1) removal of nerve-dense reflexogenic foreskin in infancy
2) callousing of the exposed glans due to rubbing on clothing and other materials
3) dryness of the exposed glans resulting from constant exposure to air and evaporation
CIRCUMserum suggests it can help to reduce all three of these ED- and problem-causing factors.

A good deal of the CIRCUMserum site reads in similar fashion to Viagra ads that pop up ubiquitously online today. But with this topical product, makers remind us that there are no pills to pop with side effects and the goal is softer, more moist, more sensational sexual functioning, rather than 'bigger, harder, stronger' that rarely solves the problem:
It goes against everything you’ve been told about getting bigger and harder. Bigger and harder are good for your ego. But what about your pleasure? CIRCUMserum gives you feelings like you’ve never felt before... Moisturizing with CIRCUMserum’s dedicated formula will remove layers of old skin, and help you restore your original condition, leading to a more intense experience of sex. CIRCUMserum helps make you softer...for greater performance.
Urologists who have made CIRCUMserum available in their practices for men with dullness ranging from slight to almost complete loss of sensation have found it to be an effective step in moisturizing and de-callussing the glans. It is possible that the ointment would serve especially well for those men who have found restoration options difficult or impossible due to how tightly they were cut as infants. In combination with foreskin restoration, CIRCUMserum may enhance more rapid results as well. It will be interesting to hear back from those men who try the product on their own at home -- one that you can order or obtain a free sample of at the website:

While the effectiveness of CIRCUMserum may be up for debate in years to come, it is good to see a wider range of options coming on the men's health market that openly recognize the tragic detriment that circumcision is to human sexual health. With a significant amount of research on the subject, and an increasing number of men speaking up each year on the issue, it is one that is bound to be at the forefront of men's products and marketing through this generation of young adults. Here's hoping CIRCUMserum and related items are those very products that empower men today, but are no longer needed in the future when our sons grow up fully intact as their bodies are meant to be. Through recognizing the very real impact circumcision has on adult men, we can take one step further in ensuring this is the last generation of men harmed by such a barbaric practice, and say NO to infant circumcision. Our sons, and the men they will one day become, deserve to enjoy their whole penis, for their whole lives, and so do their partners.

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