Family and Friends New Baby Visitor Guide

Family and Friends New Baby Visitor Guide

Be aware of what families with new babies need (and don't need).

Please Do: 
Wait for a sure invitation 
Bring groceries or a meal 
Pick up essentials you know the family will need (toilet paper, bottled water, etc.) 
Do dishes, chores, fold laundry, empty trash, sweep, wipe counters, clean the bathroom 
Offer to hold baby while mom showers and naps 

Please Don't: 
Wear strong smells like perfume or smoke 
Expect mom will be your hostess 
Give unsolicited advice 
Be offended if the new family doesn’t answer calls or desire visitors 
Bring young children without invitation 

No fevers, coughs, sniffles, colds! 
Reschedule your visit. 

If Mom is Struggling: 
Offer hands and ears 
Talk with a postpartum doula 
Be aware, supportive, responsive 
Take postpartum depression seriously

Full color sheet above is included in each Expecting/New Parent Pack. Packs can be mailed anonymously or with a note to new/expecting families, and each sheet can be laminated for hanging. On Etsy:

Also available as oversized postcards for birth workers and families:

Each sheet is also printable in full color as 8.5 x 11 standard paper. You are welcome to download and print to use in your home.


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