Looking to get involved? Help someone out? Find local community? There are oodles of families gathering around important peaceful parenting related subjects today. If you're a mom who would like to donate milk, or parent who needs milk, find your local Human Milk 4 Human Babies and Eats on Feets chapters. If you're an intact advocate who'd like to become more involved in baby-saving efforts around you, check out your area's Intact Chapter. Feel like connecting for some community with other gentle parenting or natural living families? Find or start your local Peaceful Parenting Network group. The opportunities for outreach are unlimited. Together, we are empowering globally, and connecting locally.

NOTE: Neither Human Milk 4 Human Babies or Eats on Feets are associated with or run by DrMomma.org, but we do support the milksharing efforts of fellow advocates and prior to the formation of these two organizations, we served to connect milksharing mothers with each other. Those within the Peaceful Parenting Network are independent groups whose foundational goals align with peaceful parenting -- they are not run by DrMomma.org. The goal of the Peaceful Parenting Network is to connect families with each other locally through a variety of local advocacy groups. Saving Our Sons and The Intact Network both work in collaboration with DrMomma.org 

✰ The Peaceful Parenting Network [PPN groups focus on a wide range of parenting topics. Emphasis is on local community, local action, and in-person meet-ups among peaceful parenting families.] Find or add your group at: 

✰ Saving Our Sons and The Intact Network [Intact Chapters focus exclusively on local intact information distribution, education and action at the grassroots level.]



✰ Human Milk 4 Human Babies [HM4HB groups focus exclusively on mother-to-mother milksharing and is not a part of Peaceful Parenting.]

✰ Eats on Feets [EOF groups focus exclusively on mother-to-mother milksharing and is not a part of Peaceful Parenting.]



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