Homebirth Waterbirth VBAC of TWINS after C-Section

I continue to be blessed by other mother's who have shared their stories, videos and pictures with me. This is a beautiful one to tell...

With a personal friend who just experienced a wonderful VBAC birth of her big, healthy baby at home, I am more inspired than ever to share with other people that you CAN certainly birth naturally, normally, healthy and safely no matter what - even after a previous c-section or doctors telling you that you "couldn't".


  1. Oh my goodness, I'm crying. That was so beautiful. I successfully birthed a singleton in a hospital after a twin c-section birth, so this resonated with me. Thank you so much for sharing. My dream is to deliver at home, with all of my children (ten of them) there to see the baby as soon as he is delivered. Perhaps one day! :)

  2. Wow. This is a beautiful, moving video so full of hope and love and faith that I teared up at the end. My firstborn was delivered via unwanted cesarean, causing me months of postpartum depression and endless bonding problems. Like you, I am so very grateful to have my beautiful, healthy baby girl, but it's been nearly a year now, and I'm still not over the trauma her birth caused me. I am afraid of having another birth go badly, though I desperately want to be pregnant again. I, too, want a home birth and the peace that comes with it. I dearly hope for a healing natural birth next time. I pray that I get one as beautiful as yours. Thank you so much for sharing.



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