Homeopathic Solutions to Migraines / Headaches

Aconite: good for sudden, violent headache. Person is thirsty, restless and fearful. It is felt in a band around the head, or in the forehead as a bursting pain. It is worse at night, form warmth, and getting up form bed. It is better for open air, although it frequently comes on after exposure to cold or wind.

Arnica: head feels bruised and aching, or may be sharp, is made worse by stooping. It is often a result of an injury to the head (recent or old injury), or from lost of studying, reading or intense concentration.

Apis: Stinging, stabbing or burning headache, rest of body feels bruised and tender, symptoms are worse if it's hot and stuffy.

Belladonna: throbbing, drumming headache that comes on suddenly. Face with be flushed, head hot, pupils dilated and symptoms are much worse from exposure to the sun.

Bryonia: head feels bruised; with sharp, stabbing, tearing pain, usually right sided. It is made worse by any movement, even of the eyes, or lifting the head. The person of often constipated and grumpy. Pain is from stooping or coughing.

Chamomilla: grouchy person, not able to get comfortable or be consoled. wants to be left alone, hard to please, often arching the back helps some.

Coffea: another hangover remedy, mind is in overdrive; restless and sleepless; made worse by coffee or tea (or may be in withdrawal from caffeine and that is why the headache).

Gelsemium: head feels full and swollen, pace purplish and congested - looking; expression dull and heavy; dilated pupils, weak and shaky in the legs; common for summer colds, this headache may follow a cold.

Glonoinum: violent headache when every heartbeat makes the head throb, much worse from stooping or shaking the head; may have come of after exposure to heat or sun exposure, with dehydration.

Hypericum: hypersensitive scalp, feels like the base of every hair hurts; bursting, aching headache' worse from damp, foggy, overcast weather, especially before a storm. also after head or spinal injury.

Ignatia: Feels like a tight band across the forehead, or like a nail being driven through the side of the head. Sighing is a keynote symptom. They are worse from exposure to tobacco smoke.

Iris versicolor: (migraine) blurring of vision before headache comes on; tight feeling in scalp; headache right-side. may vomit bile, is not as bad for them if they move around gently.

Kali bichromicum: this is the usual one for the sinus headache, it is worse in the mask area for the face, worse from bending over. It is in the area around, over, under or behind the eyes, also at the base of the nose. Pressure int eh areas with the fingers make the pain worse, but in the open air (unless the cold air hits their face). Heat applies in the areas of pain usually improves the symptoms.

Lycopodium: (migraine) worse on the right side, feels like the temples are being screwed together, trying to concentrate makes the pain worse, person often feels dizzy. Symptoms often worse from 4 to 8 PM.

Natrum muriaticum: (migraine) throbbing, blinding headache; warmth and movement make it worse; head feels overstuffed and congested; headache preceded by numbness and tingling in lips, nose and tongue.

Nux vomica: (classic hangover headache) irritable and oversensitive; dull, dizzy, bruising headaches; worse in the morning, better after being up awhile; nausea; aftereffects of overeating, rich food, sweets or alcohol; head feels as if it has been beaten. Person intolerant of advice, noise or cold. Better after nap.

Pulsatilla: (migraine) headache worse in the evening, during menstrual period; aggravated by rich, fatty foods; head feels like it is going to burst; person teary, craves sympathy and often very emotional.

Sanguinaria: (common migraine remedy) worse in the Am; bursting pain that is right-sided and seems to start at the back of the head, spreading upward and over the eye; pain often extends into right shoulder; "sick headache"; may increase as the day progresses and some improvement later in the day; may have nausea, vomiting and dizziness. Worse from sweets, or touch, better in darkness.

Silicea: (migraine) pain starts at the back of the head, then shifts and settles above on eye; aggravated by cold, helped by wrapping the head warmly and tightly; person prone to head sweats. Hunger headaches.

Spigelia: (migraine) sharp, darting, severe pain over left eye; pain seems to pulse with every pulse beat; stooping or even moving suddenly makes the pain worse.

Thuja: (migraine) left-sides, as if the head is being pierced by a nail.

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