Here's a super easy way to help other parents-to-be receive accurate and complete prepuce, intact care and circumcision information:

Right now there are oodles of back-to-school sales going on for sturdy folders with 3 prongs (like those pictured above), selling for just 15-20 cents each in stores like WalMart, Target, KMart, Office Supply stores, etc. The rest of the year they cost about $1 each so we need to acquire them now for use during the rest of the 2011-2012 school year. Blue is also the first color to go, and the hardest to find.

How are they used?

We pack them full of health and medical information, articles, intact care cards and DVDs and give them to expecting parents who would otherwise not receive accurate and complete information before their baby's birth. State leaders at The Whole Network and Saving Our Sons will also put your folders to good use at the local level in various sectors of the nation. We have these folder packs available at baby expos around the country, and regularly provide new childbirth educators, midwives, and doulas with info packs to share with clients.

If you would like to give the gift of a set of folders that will be used time and again, and passed around to many new parents, it is quick, easy and urgently needed. Just $3 will fund 15 folders, $5 will fund 25 folders, and $10 will fund 50!!

You may wish to donate in honor of someone - your own son, a friend, another loved one or expected baby on the way. We'll post "In Honor of ___" (below, first name only for privacy) when an honorary donation note is included, or a separate email sent. Many parents have found that even when their own sons were circumcised at a time no one provided them with accurate information or support, some healing comes in helping to spare another little one from the same, or prevent another parent from the aftermath of regret.

Thank you for joining in the 2011 folder drive and saving a baby!!

Note: If you are out and about, and wish to grab some of these folders and send them to us, we will put them to good use! We have found in years past, however, that the cost to ship these folders is often enough that it would be more economical to donate the $ otherwise used for shipping, and we'll have our local scouts out searching them down. Folders of any shade of blue with 3 prongs will be used.

Email with questions: 

Mailing Address:
Peaceful Parenting
P.O. Box 1302
Virginia Beach, VA 23451

 2011 Folder Drive Contributors 

✯ Erica
~ In honor of Anders, my intact son,
and my husband Aaron, who regrets the choice he could never make for himself.

✯ Tiffany
✯ Renee
✯ Susan
✯ Jacqueline
~ For Jonas, who was kept intact and close to me with the information I found on here as well as other intact websites. Thank you!

✯ Stacy
✯ Tamara
✯ Christina
✯ Jenny
✯ Mama's Felt Cafe
✯ Amanda
✯ Leah
~ On behalf of my intact son and intact father.  :)

✯ Meg
✯ Daniel
✯ Cara
~ In honor of Joshua, intact, thanks to peaceful parenting!

✯ Sweet Little Bundles Doula Services
✯ Wendy
✯ Dawn


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