NIP: At the Dentist

Talk about a great newborn nursing in public (NIP) story...

Gentle parenting (very pregnant!) momma, Emily, was out on a Friday night date with her husband, and while eating dinner, she cracked a filling. After dealing with the intense pain all weekend, she planned to call the dentist first thing Monday morning to have it taken care of. But her new baby on the way had other plans...

Emily went into labor and birthed her daughter Monday morning instead - putting her dental work on hold. She says, "At 10 days old I nursed my daughter while getting the filling repaired." In between cues to breastfeed, her little one stayed happy and snuggled by other moms willing to tag along on the dentist outing and help out.

Cheers for the natural, normal feeding of our babies, and for moms ready and willing to help each other out. We need more of these stories - happening every day - to the point that they are commonplace and nursing at the dentist, or the doctor, or in the grocery store check out aisle becomes just another routine event as it always used to be... And moms are always there to hold or rock or nurse the baby of a fellow mother in need.

Emily is a professional photographer in the Seattle area and has amazing images of her own that you can check out on her site here: Emily Weaver Brown Photography

On a related note -- because so many of you share your gorgeous nursing photos with us on Facebook and they are constantly being flagged and banned from the site (we receive at least two warnings every single week), we welcome you to share them to be added to our new (off-FB) NIP Photo Gallery (link coming soon). To normalize feeding our babies - whenever, wherever they wish to eat, drink, or be comforted, and to celebrate the beauty that is the nursing relationship, we will add them here instead. If you have a NIP photo you'd like to share, email it to us at peacefulparents {at}



  1. hehe.. You should try nursing a 15 month old on a crowded subway train with 100+ South Koreans looking at you! :D THAT is a NIP experience, let me tell ya! Especially when they try to pick him up, and I'm trying to figure out how to say ' he's eating' in Korean. lol :)

  2. That is too funny! I also just nursed my newborn at the dentist about a month ago. I thought that the chair was quite comfortable for it!!



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