Udder Covers Unnecessary

This cartoon from Happy Simpleton evoked rounds of lactivist laughter here at peaceful parenting and it immediately became a hit when shared with various social circles. The creator, Dennis Hengeveld, also the founder of Happy Simpleton, has been publishing his fresh and fun cartoons on the site since June, 2009 and is an avid supporter of the normal feeding of human babies.

Check out Hengeveld's page where you can leave comments, vote on cartoons, and even have them sent directly to your inbox! The conversation is already rolling there with other parents sharing their reactions to this latest creation:

"I have often thought of carrying a cover around with me so that if someone objects to my NIP I can say 'Oh, I am sorry. How inconsiderate of me,' and hand the cover to them. If they ask, 'What is this for?' I will tell them it is for their face." ~Danielle

"This cracks me up because this week my 4 yr old told me he thought cows should wear 'gutter covers' since their udders are ugly. I asked him why? He said, 'They just are mom.' So I asked him if I should keep my booboos covered (I nurse openly in front of him all the time of course) and he said, 'No mom - your booboos aren't ugly like gutters are. Yours are pretty.' ...The minds of children that are yet to be tainted by our culture see things very differently don't they?" ~Rebecca

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  1. Loving it. Reminds me of this one


  2. I will always carry a cover in my bag from this day forward, just in case I have the opportunity to use Danielle's quote :)

  3. That's fantastic! Danielle's quote is going to stick with me! I have never been told to cover up, but just in case.....I'll now be armed with the perfect response! :-)

  4. I understand the open-ness of today's nursing mom. I have read the comments about those "hooter hidders". As a women of almost 60, who breastfeed her four children, I must tell you that some women are ashamed of their breasts, of the way they look, of the fact that they hang with the nipple facing the floor, of the fact that no matter how expensive or well made her nursing bra is - due to the size of her breasts nursing without a cover is difficult. I was NEVER able to get my breast back into the bra cup in a modest way. Forget about just re-hooking up the "tab". I would still have breast tissue hanging out between the material. Using a receiving blanket as a cover - they would just slide off. Please - encourage any women who has made the decision to nurse her baby regardless of how she does it. we still have a long way to go in making breastfeeding a naturally occurring event in America but we are on our way.

  5. I use a cover because I'm not graceful and I do mind who is looking. I've had men try and watch me before...I'm not ashamed of breastfeeding or think it has to be covered up, but I'm not gonna give pervs a free show. That's just how I feel personally. Like Benson said, we should encourage any woman who has made the decision to nurse her baby regardless of how she does it.

  6. Haha.. Love this.. Bf in public is obscene, while drinking cows' breastmilk is normal? The world is crazy.

  7. After nursing each of my six children everywhere and anywhere they were in need of my breast, I know what it's like to nurse in public. I never felt embarrased or ashamed to feed my babies infront of anyone, anywhere, including strangers or other men. For the sake of keeping my personal comfort of modesty in tact, I often covered with a cover or shirt as best I could, while I never thought it was expected or forced on me. Even with our best efforts, most of our western culture associates breasts sexually, and I just think men are hard wired that way; which is a good thing, and I don't want to change that. Sometimes, for the sake of keeping everyone, including me, comfortable, being descrete without having to get up and leave, isn't that hard of a thing. It's just a matter of preference, and personal comfort. I will never judge or mind if another mother out there prefers to nurse completely exposed, but as a wife and mother to 4 sons, I would appreciate some consideration to their male minds and be as descrete as one can be without making it a burden on her.

  8. My first experience with breastfeeding was with the wife of one of my grandfather's friends. I was twelve years old and she had just had her second child. We were all headed to the church for the baby's baptism when she started fussing a little. Instinctively, her mom immediately unbuttoned her blouse, popped her breast out of her bra, and started nursing her. Before that, I was only aware of being bottle-fed. All of my cousins were as well, so I was in a bit of shock watching this all unfold before my eyes. I was seated right next to her. Being young and shy and not the type to make a scene, I just observed quietly. It's hard to say how I felt about it. I had never seen the breasts of any woman other than my mother before. I think that was what shocked me the most. She was so comfortable, she didn't even think twice about feeding her baby in front of us even though it meant flashing us.

    Well, that experience encouraged me to educate myself on breastfeeding, and when I got pregnant, I knew there was no way I would chose formula over nature's perfect food, no matter what. I'm pretty stubborn, and it came in handy because I had to fight the odds, and the so-called professionals. We won in the end, and it was definitely worth it.

    All that being said, I never let people see anything when I breastfed in public. Being in a cold state helped because I didn't have to suffer for being so covered all the time. I didn't cover up that much because I think it's lewd. I only did it because I'm not comfortable showing much skin to strangers. It's probably because of sexual abuse in my past. I just preferred doing it that way. As covered as I was, I had one guy who looked completely uncomfortable around me (even though his ex-wife had breastfed their children), but I just ignored him. If just the mere thought of breastfeeding bothers someone that much, even when there's NOTHING to see, he/she just needs to get a grip and get over it. I won't make excuses for people's excessive sensitivities.

  9. Even if you do use a cover don't get an udder cover. They are made from cheap material with very poor quality. Don't waste a penny on this crappy product. I used it for less than 6 months and the hard and very sharp plastic bone came out of the neck ring. I contacted their customer service and they said it is normal wear and tear and would not exchange it.



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