MamAmor: Birthing and Breastfeeding Dolls

Gorgeous would be an understatement for the very special gift one father at peaceful parenting presented us with this season ~ a unique doll hand designed and crafted by MamAmor. Although yet to be named, she will live in the peaceful parenting library and be played with by many little ones along the way. She is beautiful – touting her beachy, breezy attire with baby in tow. But more splendid than what you see at first glance are her hand-crafted birth and breastfeeding intricacies which make her near and dear to my own heart especially. She can birth her baby via VBAC (or HBAC for us homebirthin’ mommas), or c-section, and wears the scars from her first surgical birth. With adorable little pucker-mouth snaps, her little one nurses, and she also has a sling for easy babywearing. Her hair can be swept up, or flowing free, and her baby's tiny freckles and features resemble her own.

To be honest, I was never much of a girlie-girl growing up. Rarely played with dolls, and was the tomboy you’d typically find out playing ball with the boys, running circles around the guys. In third grade I was invited to a birthday party and told to “bring your favorite doll.” Oh no, I thought – I did not have a special doll like many of the other girls, and the idea of actually sitting around playing with them made me second guess my elementary desire to attend. In fact, it wasn’t until graduate school that I ever planned on birthing a baby of my own, let alone breastfeeding, gently mothering, or giving up a professional career for this pint-size version of myself.

But then he arrived, and life was turned upside down – in a very good way.

Now, thanks to the powerful creative touch of MamAmor, there exists, for the first time in my life, a doll that truly has soul-filled meaning to the core of who I am as a woman, as a mother. This may sound petty – a 35 year old woman – a doll? But there is something healing about her. The end to my first birth was immeasurably traumatic. Breastfeeding was difficult (almost impossible) in the early days. Postpartum months were utterly devoid of support, as we were (military) stationed in a new location, my partner deployed, and few relatives or friends within 1200 miles of ‘home.’ Wounds only began to mend as my baby and I got the hang of breastfeeding, and I fell deeper into primal mothering as each day and night passed by, with us wrapped up together figuring it all out. This doll – she is an expression of hopes and dreams and fears and frustration and challenges overcome and aspirations for future births and babies ahead. She is, in the end, so much more than a just a doll.

MamAmor has a few select custom created birthing and breastfeeding dolls waiting for homes this month. Each momma and her baby are awe-inspiring and a pair that will be especially cherished for years to come. Through these dolls we can celebrate, play, and love with our own little ones. The quality is supreme and these dolls are ones that will quickly find a way into your child's heart (and likely your own!).  Maybe one of them even holds your story in her features... The link below each doll here will take you to her homepage at MamAmor's site.

Babywearing Mommas & Babies
**Coming up for sale at 5pm Friday, Dec 2**
These dolls will be the last MamAmor dolls of the season.

How does birth work for MamAmor mommas?

MamAmor dolls birth their babies vaginally, and some special VBAC moms can also birth via c-section. Baby fits inside, and exits - ready to nurse! Each baby comes with his/her placenta, cord, diaper and receiving blanket. These dolls are a beautiful way to teach little ones about how the birth process works, prior to a new arrival in the family. 

MamAmor VBAC Birth! 

MamAmor also has matching dress sets for youngsters and their dolls, extra outfits, slings, hair clips, diapers, bags, and even nursing toddlers to add to the mix. She ships worldwide, but if you'd like something in time for Christmas, orders need to be in by Dec 10th at the latest.

You can find MamAmor at her homepage: and on Facebook here. Her dolls go fast, and because each one is handmade, there is a long waiting list for those hoping to get one, so follow on Facebook for new completions, and check the available page often. Write to Ms. MamAmor herself (Adriana) at Let her know someone at peaceful parenting sent you. She’ll take very good care of you, your little ones, and your new special doll. ☺


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  1. Just read this post on the work that goes into these one of a kind MamAmor dolls and it makes them all the more grande!

    Thank you for the work you do.



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