Great Chalk Event!

From Shannon in Hawaii 

Each year in the spring (when the snow has melted and things start warming up across the States) and summer (when many families are out and about at parks and recreation locations) peaceful parenting hosts a Great Chalk Event. This year we invite YOU to participate from your local area in a global effort to raise awareness of baby/child-friendly mothering and fathering.

It is a fun-in-the-sun way to get the kids involved in something creative and leave a message of advocacy in the process. Plant some seeds of info, raise awareness, and touch lives, one parent, one child, one baby at a time.

Chalk is cheap ($1 for 16-24 large pieces at most Walgreens, Walmart, etc., stores) and can also be homemade (see: Chalk displays colorful messages on any public street/sidewalk/walkway where children and their parents are otherwise free to be, and washes naturally away with the first rainfall.

Pick your passion (intact awareness? breastfeeding? milksharing? night time parenting/no-CIO? gentle discipline? agency in birth?), select your message, choose your location, gather a few friends and the kids, get your chalk ready... and we'll see you (or at least your message!) at the next Great Chalk Event!

This year, the 1st participant in EACH STATE (including international locations) will win an advocacy bracelet of your choice (or info cards of your choice if you prefer). See bracelets at Saving Our Sons here (1/2 way down the page, 8 choices to select from):

Prizes will also be awarded to winners in each category (each participant can only win once):

'Most Creative'

'Most Artistic'

'Most Catchy Phrase'

'Biggest / Most Public'

'Most Beautiful'

'Most Childlike.'
*Update: Winners at bottom of this post!* 

To be in the running, post photos to the peaceful parenting FB page ( or the Saving Our Sons FB page ( or send to between Friday, July 13th and Monday night, July 16.

Great Chalk Event page on FB: Taking place the weekend of July 13-15.

View past Chalk Days for ideas at peaceful parenting: and intact-related chalk events at Saving Our Sons:

We look forward to YOUR creations this Great Chalk Weekend!

Timeline banners made with your chalkings! 

First Entries by State

(if you are first to submit in your state, drop us an email with the bracelet of your choice or info cards of your choice and your mailing address: 

Alabama -- Megan W.
Arizona -- Meghan S. and Kelaiah L.
California -- Erynn B.
Florida -- Jen B.
Hawaii -- Anna L. and Shannon W.
Idaho - Brittany C.
Indiana -- Sarah T.
Iowa -- Christina K.
Kansas -- Lacey B.
Kentucky -- Kimberly M.
Maine -- Brandy M.
Maryland -- Morgan P.
Massachusetts -- Beth S.
Michigan -- Morgan S.
Minnesota -- Patti R.
Missouri -- Anna B.
Nevada -- Kelli P.
New Hampshire
New Jersey
New Mexico
New York - Amiee S.
North Carolina
North Dakota
Ohio -- Lindsey S.
Oklahoma -- Sandra G.
Oregon -- Kelly L.
Rhode Island
South Carolina
South Dakota
Texas -- Amy E.
Utah -- Daniel M.
Washington -- Ayn T.
West Virginia

International Locations:

Ontario -- Amanda P.

UK -- Ruth S.


Winners were tough to select - almost impossible - because you guys have talent, creativity and spirit!

If your chalk drawing was one selected as a winner in one of the following categories, write to with your name and mailing address and tell us if you'd prefer the Intact Advocate prize pack, the Breastfeeding Advocate prize pack, the general Peaceful Parenting prize pack, or a combo of any of the three. Winners who may have images selected in more than one category can only win once so there's more love to go around.

'Most Creative'

From Sarah and her kids (first time we've seen the picnic table idea!) 
Megan in Omaha, NE - first we've seen a message on the steps
And with a chubby baby who is oh-so-cute!

From an unknown winner (please email us with your info) - first we've seen a fantastic fence chalking like this! 

'Most Artistic'

Anna's original design (note the mom and baby in 'Birth') for a beloved phrase:

Jen and her boys have such beautiful symmetry and design: 

Lovely portrayal of gentle mothering from an unknown winner (please email us with your info):

'Most Catchy Phrase'

Jennifer's  'Mom, Not Moo!' made us smile.

Melissa, Gabriella and Caleb had these phrases among many other designs:

From an unknown winner (please email us your info):

'Biggest / Most Public'

Daniel and a friend in UT submitted in video format rather than image: 

Shannon and her kids in Hawaii covered an entire intersection. 
The following day they saw more than one person taking photos of the messages left on the busy street.

'Most Beautiful'

Beth and her daughter who celebrates 1 year breastfeeding this week! 

Got Milk? A gorgeous chalk image (with momma milk included!) from Ruth and her little one: 

'Most Childlike'

Amy in Texas: 

Kelly in Oregon: 

Jen in Florida: 

Kimberly in Kentucky: 


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