Keep Moving

By Danelle Frisbie © 2012

When all are let down
By what I don't possess
And crumbling to the ground
Is me at my best

It takes a type of fortitude,
A power unnamed,
To keep me on going
To keep me in the game.

When all have let me down
And I feel so all alone
What is it that holds me steady
On foundations made of stone?

I am neither goddess nor villain,
Neither 'Good' nor 'Bad'
I am just me - standing here - 
All I am, all I've ever had. 

I am humble. I am honest. 
I LOVE bigger than life. 
And I will speak up for babies, 
And stand for what is right. 

When you point your pointing fingers, 
And caste your lying lies, 
It's not just me you hurt - 
But the baby who still cries. 

I'm not sure what the answer is, 
Maybe I'll never know. 
But I will keep moving onward
For what we plant, we sow. 

~Danelle Frisbie 


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