❦ Halloween Milk! ❦

The Halloween Milk album at peaceful parenting on Facebook is always having photos flagged by lactiphobic onlookers - especially the cute little nursing 'pumpkins.' In 2011, half of all uploaded photos were removed by Facebook from the album. As a result, we're moving the gallery here and are excited to add your fun, furry-and-feathery milky photos to the collection this season.

You are welcome to upload or tag at the peaceful parenting Facebook page if this is easiest for you, or send to DrMomma.org@gmail.com and we will add yours in. We will watermark photos with your first/last name before posting, unless you request otherwise. If your photo or information was lost in past years' deletion, we invite you to email as well so we can update.

It's all just for fun ~ to celebrate the joys of gentle parenting as we plant some seeds and raise awareness throughout this month of pumpkins, costumes (and momma milk!).  If you're a mother seeking info on nursing your baby, we invite you to visit the Breastfeeding Resources Page and write to us anytime.

 ❦ Happy Halloween! ❦

Ashley's little duckie grabs a snack.

Milk maid, Alyssa nurses her calf. 

Little Red Riding Hood has no need to fear the big bad wolf when Mom's around!

Hippie Karah, walked around nursing her 15 month old monkey for 1/2 the evening!  

This little pilot (26 months) landed to grab some goodness.

Kealy's little butterfly stops flying for some milk on her first halloween. 

Dragons need mommy milk too!

Stacey's little nursing apple, Eden. 

Heidi's bumblebee tastes mom's sweet honey. 

Nancy's little rabbit kept finding his ears drooped into his soup. 

Bo Peep (aka The Heady Housewife) nurses her sheep!

Christa's dear little caterpillar munched some lunch. 

Tiffany's little calf gets some of the good milk!

Lena's 7 week old, Yoda, out on his first halloween. 

Tin [Wo]man, Tabitha, and her little lion. 

Jennifer's dragon get refueled.

Christa's beautiful butterfly pauses for a snack.

Dear little pumpkin, you are so sweet. 

Even Hulk Hogan needs to recharge! 
[Note: that is an eyeliner pencil in Sarah's hand.]

Marsha's costume clad son nurses while secure in his rear-facing car seat, mom forward facing in back seat. Raise your hand if you've done this!

Wet nurse, Denae cares for her little one. 

 Momma milk keeps Kelly's Spiderman out of sticky situations.

Pirate mom, Jenny, nurses her parrot baby.

 Lil' lobsters need mommy milk too!

Ruthie's 1 year old daughter, Indigo, grabs a snack before heading out as Rosie the Riveter ~ with Mom as her backdrop!

 Selia's little bumblebee collects the good nectar.

Candice's little strawberry gets some cream.

Libbi's little Super Jazz recharges on momma milk!

Jami's little lion gets his 'nummies' before trick or treating.

Dara nurses her little pumpkin before putting on her body as the sting ray photobomb.

What does the 2 year old fox say?
More milk, please!

Emily's busy little 2 year old dino grabs some night time milk.

Lisa's 8 month old Superhero, Marshall, charges up.

Karen's lil calf, Duncan, gets milk made just for him from one beautiful Momma Cow. ;)

Superman needs mommy milk too!

Ice Princess Melanie, and Flying Unicorn, Adrianna, fueling up before trick or treating.

Sweet little 2 1/2 year old witch with stitches gets the best treat after an evening out. 

Tuckered out Ruby the Ladybug gets some momma candy after trick-or-treating.

Have you nursed a triceratops lately?!

Elaine's little dragon re-charges.

Kylee nurses her little ballerina kitty.

Hillary's sweet little skeleton gets some halloween milk.

Nursing Snow White.

Meggan nurses her 12 month old lil' devil.

Michelle's 22 month old puppy lapping up her milk.

Kaylin nurses her firefighter!

Rrroar! Monsters need mommy milk too!

Desiree's Mario is all jumped out.

"May the milk be with you!"

Rachel's 3 year old ladybug pauses for some milk.

No better treat this Halloween!

Leilani nurses her baby cow. Got Milk?

Strawberry milk!

Amber's Super-Girl! Just 11 days shy of 16 months.

With Mom close by, no skeletons go hungry this Halloween!

Nursing Batman!

Krystle nurses her little candy corn.

Harry Potter and the Breastfed Toddler.

7 month old Kermit grabs some milk.

Lindsay's 10 month old little monster was hungry after an evening of trick-or-treating at the mall.

Amber nurses her big, bad, hungry wolf!

Josie's little Link charging up.

Parrots need milk from their pirate mommies too!

Nursing Yoda...

Aaarrrgh! To be a hungry pirate...

Sarah nurses her little Dopey, whose sister was Snow White.

Bethany's little Trekkie takes a break.

Bethany's sweet dalmatian nurses during trick-or-treating.

Sweet lil' pumpkin' growing on goodness.

Beth's one year old takes a milk break.

Who doesn't prefer "B" over "C"?! Surely this Cookie Monster does!
Thank you to readers for sending in this meme.



  1. I have 2 pics of my just-turned 2-year-old nursing in his dinosaur costume on my blog: http://thesquigglycarrot.blogspot.com/2012/10/sometimes-dinosaurs-need-momma-milk-too.html They are probably to dim and fuzzy to feature in the Halloween Milk gallery, but I just wanted to share!

    1. They are so sweet - fuzzy or not. We've added your dino to the gallery. :)

  2. Ok so I'm just glad I'm not the only one who Bfeeds sometimes while he's in the carseat lol!!!

    -Mother of a lucky baby boy, intact, b-fed, worn and loved

  3. I added mine to your facebook page since my phone email decided not to work anymore. Feel free to add it here if you'd like <3

  4. I am so glad to see there are so many breastfeeding mommys, I unfortunately was the only women Iknew that was breastfeeding when Ihad my son. So many people told me it was gross and unnatural (WHAT?!) I was like then what r boobs for? I can't wait to have another baby and be able to breastfeed longer this time. Good job mommys! Keep up the good work

  5. I love these pictures! so beautiful and natural! How can breastfeeding be considered gross is something i would never be able to understand!

  6. Thanks for sharing!!

  7. All of these are adorable but Rosie the Riveter and the Backdrop --- WOW!! Brilliant! :)



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