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We've waited a long time to see an International Babywearing Symbol emerge - one that was copyright free and fair-use for all supporters of babywearing around the globe. This year, just in time for World Babywearing Week, Jessika Bailey, Publisher and Editor in Chief of Natural Mother Magazine, created a symbol for this very purpose. And we love it! The symbol was introduced to the parenting community at large earlier this week, and advocates across several social media outlets have changed their profile pictures to display the new symbol. One babywearing company - Tula Baby Carriers - requested permission to slightly alter the symbol and is currently sporting a fun babywearing logo 'with ears.'

Bailey's creation comes upon the heels of several years of personal babywearing experience. Her two youngest children are close in age, and because of this, Bailey says babywearing "literally saved me, and it saved my kids. It was the only way to make it through any given day. Babywearing - and tandem nursing!"

When discussing the importance of having an International Babywearing Symbol, Bailey says that during the years she worked as a blogger, and today with Natural Mother Magazine, there were many times she has searched high and low for a babywearing symbol that would be easily recognizable by everyone, and also fit well alongside the International Breastfeeding Symbol and the International Symbol of Genital Autonomy. "I am not one to wait around for someone else to get things done, so I did it myself!" says Bailey. She is hoping that this symbol will be used across the board to raise awareness of the many benefits of babywearing.

The symbol is Creative Commons licensed - which means that anyone is welcome to use the symbol on their own creations and in their babywearing advocacy endeavors. Bailey asks that if and when credit can be given for the symbol, it is cited as being from Natural Mother Magazine, but she recognizes this is not always possible. "It isn't about me or Natural Mother Magazine, it's about spreading awareness, and having a symbol that is easily recognizable to do that." Bailey continues, "This is my first real creation of a logo, and hope to see it used far and wide!" We are certain that it will be.

If you are wishing to share a little babywearing love in your life, we invite you to use any of our colored variations of the International Babywearing Symbol below. You can also learn more from Bailey at the Natural Mother Magazine Facebook page, and at NMM's homepage. Back issues of the magazine are free to read, and we'd encourage you to check them out! If you're in the mood to win some babywearing goods, this weekend only you can also enter the Babywearing Giveaway where 8 winners will be drawn at random on Sunday night:!international-babywearing-week-giveaway-/c1otj

Hope your babywearing days ahead are blessed and beautiful! ❤

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