Reasons to NOT Wear Your Baby Facing Out

Above infographic from Boba

9 Reasons NOT to Carry Your Baby Facing Out

1) It does not support your baby's legs.

2) It makes it tougher for the wearer to carry baby (babies naturally fit curved tummy to chest).

3) It places your baby in an arched or hollow back position which places pressure on baby's spine.

4) It places too much pressure on a baby's pelvis, and may chaff the inner thighs of your baby.

5) It may overstimulate your baby, leading to increased anxiety and disorientation, or sleep troubles even when baby is tired.

6) It does not support baby's head or neck.

7) It makes thermoregulation (baby's internal core temperature being regulated by a caring adult's body temperature) more difficult.

8) It makes responding to baby's cues more difficult (or unable to read facial/non-verbal cues).

9) It throws off baby's center of gravity, does not improve their balance, but can hinder this, and isn't great for a parent's back either.

Above example from The Eco Friendly Family

When selecting your favorite carrier or wrap, opt for one that supports the thighs from hips to knees, and does not 'dangle' baby from the crotch. Wear your little one facing in (chest or back) and ensure his or her airway is always visible and not covered.

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