Teething Tips for Peaceful Parents

By Jenn Sanders © 2017

Teething is one of the major milestones in your baby’s first year of life. It will change their adorable gummy smile and open up the door for your baby to experience the various textures and flavors of solid foods.

As exciting as it is seeing that first pearly white tooth, sometimes teething comes with pain and discomfort that can affect your baby’s mood, appetite, and even sleeping patterns. The following natural tips will aid you in keeping your baby comfortable and happy during this process.

Frozen Treats 

Inflammation of the gums, or even cheeks, is a pretty common symptom of teething. You might find that your baby is pretty fussy and shows signs of experiencing pain. Frozen healthy treats are a great way to help keep the inflammation down.


Solids foods should not be introduced to your baby till at least 6 months of age. Breastmilk popsicles are perfect for babies under 6 months. They will not only help with reduce the pain and inflammation, they will also provide your baby with the best nutrition!

These popsicle molds are great for little hands. Just wash the molds before use, fill them with expressed breastmilk, and set them in the freezer for a few hours.

If your baby is at least 6 months of age, you can change it up by making frozen fruit treats. Bananas are a great option because they no pose no choking hazard and they can easily fit into one of these teethers.

Essential Oil Remedies

Essential oils are made from herbs and have great medicinal properties that can help your baby through the discomforts of teething. Chamomile and lavender are herbs with great soothing and pain relieving properties.

Chamomile is an herb that has been used for centuries to help relieve children’s discomfort. It soothes pain, digestion issues, and can even help them sleep soundly. To apply this remedy, try making a batch of chamomile tea and waiting until the tea is room temperature to rub some of it along your little one’s gums and the inside of their cheeks.

Lavender essential oil will definitely come in handy when your baby is unable to sleep. The oil will relieve the pain and help your baby get some rest. To soothe their sore gums, dilute the essential oil using a carrier oil like olive or coconut oil, then using your fingertip, apply the solution along the outside of the baby’s cheek and jaw. You can also dilute the essential oil and apply it to the back of their neck, wrists, and the bottom of their feet.

Teething Accessories 

Fortunately, nowadays it is very easy to find natural, non-toxic teething accessories. They can be made from anything from unfinished wood to food grade silicone.

Another option is an authentic amber teething necklace. The necklace can be worn around the neck or even as a bracelet or anklet. These necklaces have become a popular option because they are effective, non-toxic, and beautiful to look at.

Baltic amber necklaces even contain healing properties due to the high level of succinic acid contained in the amber. The succinic acid is release when the amber is warmed up by your baby’s skin. Once the acid is absorbed into the skin, the anti-inflammatory and pain relieving properties will help your baby feel much better. The amber necklace also helps relieve sore and swollen gums, and can even brighten your baby’s mood.

A baltic amber necklace is most effective when it’s worn while in consistent contact with the skin. It can even be hidden under clothing or worn as an anklet (not on a baby's wrist as this will be put into the mouth). Be sure to select a baltic amber necklace that is sized for a baby - this makes a difference as it is not long enough to reach the mouth, or pose a choking hazard, but rests just below the chin. In addition, baltic amber necklaces should only be worn while your baby is under adult supervision.


Not only is it important to keep your baby comfortable while their first teeth are making their debut, it is also important to begin practicing oral hygiene. You can even begin before their teeth begin to emerge. The gums are a very important part of overall oral health. Massaging your little one’s gums keeps oxygen and blood flowing to the area, and helps maintain health gum tissue and nerves. You can gently massage their gums with a clean finger or damp washcloth. Once the cute little teeth start to erupt, you can then introduce a soft bristle toothbrush to clean their teeth twice daily.

Teething is a natural part of your baby’s life. At times it might seem hard for them and the entire process might even throw you for a loop, but rest assured that with patience, cuddles, and lots of love, your baby will get through it and you will have a few more reasons to smile.


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