To My Child's Teacher

To my child's teacher,

If you need my kid to sit on the floor while you figure out numbers, and flexible seating and seating plans - that’s ok.

If my kid has to wear one pair of shoes to school all day - that’s cool - I do the same thing all day long, they can too while you figure out how to manage high traffic areas and teach the kids the importance of social distancing - Groovy!

If you need me to supply you with a bottle of wine, or vodka, or coolers every Friday so you can go home and destress and cry about your highly emotional and stressful week - I got you... name your poison.

If you need me to search high and low for every available container for Lysol wipes so you can spend your unassigned time after school wiping down every surface in your classroom - Done! I will keep my eyes peeled!

If my kid has to wear a mask so he can sit with you and read a story - which is his favorite activity on the planet, or sit beside a friend and work in their journal or on an art project - no worries! I will make sure they understand the rules for mask wearing at school.

What I won’t do:

1 - Berate you on social media

2 - Undermine you and your profession at every turn

3 - Buy into the hysteric and irrational things I read online that have not been fact checked

4 - Fear monger others


Because I know that, at the end of the day, you don’t have any control over the decisions that are made by higher ups, and you are just doing your job.

I know that you are a mother too, and you will treat my child as your own.

I know you are killing yourself putting in a ridiculous amount of hours on your own time to make your classroom a safe and welcoming place.

And I know in your heart of hearts you are doing everything in your power to make my child feel loved and successful in the school year.

You have been tasked with a seemingly insurmountable task of keeping kids safe and happy and engaged during a GLOBAL PANDEMIC - and regardless of how I personally feel about COVID and masks and shoes and seating plans and all the craziness this new school year will bring... know I have your back!

I got you, and all my teacher friends and support staff - you are valued and you are worthy... and I see you!

💜 author unknown 

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