Motrin Makes Moms Mad

I have to second what other mothers have wondered, "WHAT was Motrin thinking?!" If nothing else, the misinformation put forth regarding safe and effective babywearing in this ad is cause for concern.

Wearing your baby correctly is comfortable for both mom and baby. It leads to a much happier couple. There should be no pain - or need for Motrin - involved. If anything, babywearing reduces any "pains" of early babyhood.

Our son is currently pushing 19 pounds and has been worn since birth. He has never once been in a stroller or left in a carseat outside the car. As a professional mother making attempts to juggle a career (that I stepped down within at his birth), and as a current 'single' mom as my partner has been deployed around the world for 7 months, babywearing throughout the day (and sleep sharing at night) is life-saving. My son's comfort, security, safety, development, and happiness - completely void of the need to cry - as well as the secure attachment and bonding between the two of us, is natural, normal, primal, instinctual, and the furthest thing from pain-causing that I could imagine.

There are many mothers that Motrin did not interview when tossing together this baby-unfriendly advertisement...I am just another one.

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  1. Baby-wearing DOES appear to be in fashion. I have never seen so many babies being worn.



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