HMBANA: Urgent Need for Donated Breastmilk

Just received this notice and thought I'd pass it along for those who can help:

Dear Friends:

We just received an URGENT request from a fellow non-profit organization for donor breast milk to help babies here in the United States. Due to the holiday season, milk banks in the U.S. are at extremely low levels and need your help to meet the needs of recipient babies.

If you have a surplus of breast milk (or know someone who does), please call 1-866-998-4550 (Mother’s Milk Bank of San Jose, CA) to qualify as a donor. The donor milk will be collect through the Human Milk Bank Association of North America (HMBANA) and distributed throughout the United States and Canada. For more information about these non-profit milk banks, click here Let them know you were refered by International Breast Milk Project.

Thank you so much for supporting our vision that babies have access to donor milk when a mother’s own milk is not available! I would love to hear about your experience donating-please email me at with your stories, so I can share them with our supporters.


Amanda Nickerson

Executive Director, International Breast Milk Project
Give Milk. Give Life. Give Hope.


  1. Currently in the process of becoming a donor for the ohio branch. The bloodwork has slowed me up since I had to convince someone to draw my blood and let me mail it to a lab myself.

  2. Wish I had seen this a few weeks while I was weaning my 2 year old. I had so much to give! Now just back to the colostrum stage.



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