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This is a great (slightly older) video by Nappy Free! of Australia that discusses the option to go diaper free with your baby. Diaper freedom is also referred to as elimination communication (EC) or natural infant hygiene. It is a means of infant care as old as humanity itself, commonly used in many cultures around the world today, and despite what naysayers may have you believe, it does actually 'work'. Babies have elimination urges and show cues of when they need to 'go' from birth on, just as they cue to parents when they are hungry or have another need that needs to be met.

For more on our experience with elimination communication (which we have used in combo with cloth diapers) see a glimpse of our story and additional resources linked in this article: Can a Baby Really Be Diaper Free?

To purchase this video see: Nappy Free!

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  1. I think if Juneau were always the model for EC, there would be more interest. He's so adorable!

    We've ec'd both of our boys from birth & it has been so rewarding. They maintain their awareness of their bodies and feel a sense of control for themselves (so important in toddlerhood, especially!) My oldest was fulltime underpants around 18mo and my, currently, 18mo is on his way to being done. EC is such a beautiful gift to share with your child and it is something that is manageable in any family. It can be full-time, part-time, can begin anytime, taking breaks from, etc. It is all a journey.

  2. Danelle, Thank you again for all that you do for our families.

    Oh, and please include a link to tribalbaby.org She's got great info on the history of ec, various methods, & resources, too :)

    Oh, and theecstore.com has great ideas for ecing & potty learning necessities & it supports a wahm :)

  3. Love it! I've had the joy of responding to my son's potty cues since my son was 4 months old. He is now 2.

  4. That picture is amazing - my 10 month old has a necklace just like it, and I have pics of her naked too! Isn't it just the most precious thing??

  5. This is such a great resource post for me to have. Going to retweet in on TwitFace :)


  6. Wow! Every time I think I know all the "alternative" ways to raise a baby, someone surprises me with more new (i.e. very old) information I haven't been exposed to. Thanks!!!

  7. Danielle,

    Thank you so much for sharing this! I have just discovered your blog in my search for some support with EC. My son just turned the magical *1* last Monday, but with that something else seemed to change- his behaviors circling around toileting. We have hit a bump in the road here, and he has all the sudden developed an aversion to going in the toilet. I don't know where to start here- am I missing his cues? Have I done something that pushed him away from our regular pattern? Is this a normal issue on this path?

    How do I move forward from this point? I would love some suggestions that may support the both of us here!

    Many thanks,


  8. Elle,
    Try the classic in-arms hold instead of using a potty. My son used this hold until he was 2. Children feel much more secure in their mothers arms than on a potty. Hold him over the potty or a basin and try to change the location to keep his interest. The in-arms hold is when you hold them facing out from under the backs of the legs. This is the most basic EC hold and give them great comfort to be close to mom.

  9. You mean like this:

    The 'hold' you speak of...

  10. We love EC also- we have been EC-ing our daughter since she was 7 days old, and now at 5.5 months we have some days where we don't have any misses. At home I have her diaper free quite a bit and it helps a lot! I'm more in tune to her and she is paying attention to herself more also.

    We use the in-arms hold still, even at 20 pounds. It's easier than carrying the BBLP around..one of my coworkers is expecting in a few weeks and she is planning on ECing also, after seeing how well it has worked with Claire so far. Everyone we know is super supportive, even the sitter takes her to the potty!

  11. The distance from a urine filled diaper to a babies nose is only inches. A babies nose is sensitive to smell, and learns the world through his senses. It is sad, that for most babies, they learn the world smells like urine.

  12. We've done EC from birth, first with cloth part time then all-in. I documented our successes an missteps on my EC blog and when I look back on it is interesting to see just how easily it was integrated into our daily life. Our little one is 21 months old and very close to full independence and getting closer every day.



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