McGill University Study on Male Body Image and Genital Self-Esteem

"The Male Nude" (1935) by Robert McIntosh

McGill University researchers, Laurence Dinh-Williams and Seth Davis, recently contacted David Wilton (lawyer by training, who runs the Male Circumcision and HIV Public Policy site from CA) with an open call for participants for an upcoming study. This study will assess male body image, and has a particular focus on the male genitalia. Dinh-Williams' research questions "which features of the male genital area are important for one's 'genital self-esteem' and body image, and which factors tend to influence these evaluations." A section of this study asks men if they were circumcised, if so, at what age, and whether or not they are satisfied with the results of this surgical procedure upon their body (my words, not theirs). In addition, men are invited to add any additional comments they would like researchers to be aware of.

I encourage peaceful parenting's male readers (or partners/friends/family/husbands of our female readers!) to participate in this survey portion of the study [links below]. This is an excellent opportunity to disclose your thoughts and feelings about this important subject in a 'safe' environment and in a manner that can really make a difference. Your voice, your experiences, are important. After all, our laws and medical procedures are supposed to be based on empirical evidence. McGill University is a well respected institution which consistently produces research-based data for our practical application. Take 20 minutes and join in this important study today.



Thus far, the study of men's body image has been largely restricted to the dimensions of adiposity and muscularity. Recent research has found that features such as head hair, body hair, height and penis size may be important in one's evaluation of self, with penis size satisfaction being highly correlated to overall appearance self-esteem.

However, little is known about the specific role that 'male genital satisfaction' plays in male body image concerns, and which aspects of the genital area, beyond size, may be important for these 'genital perceptions' (satisfaction with one's genital area).

We are a team of researchers at McGill University in Montreal, Canada, investigating this issue. This study will determine which features of the genital area are important for 'genital perceptions' and male body image, and further investigate the factors that may influence one’s evaluations and perceptions (ex: sexual experience, erectile dysfunctions, premature ejaculation, STD's etc.). To do this, we need you to take this short 20 minute survey assessing your level of satisfaction regarding your body in general and various aspects of the genital area.

Your participation in this study will help health professionals better understand the factors involved in male body concerns and further on, their relation to sexuality (given the presumed central role of the genitals in a sexual context), guiding future research and treatment.

By participating, you will also be able to enter a drawing for one of three $100 prizes to spend at!

Please note that you will asked to measure the length and girth (circumference) of your flaccid AND erect penis, and asked to estimate the angle of penile curvature and direction of your erect penis, thus it may preferable to assess these features before starting this survey. Please click on the following link in order for a description of the measurements and protocol to follow:

This study is only for men 18 years of age and older.

Survey link:

For further information, you may email us at

Your help is greatly appreciated!
We thank you for taking the time to read about our study.


  1. I wish I had paid more attention to what the survey required BEFORE taking it...

    I might add, it states the chances of winning a gift cert are 1:3.

  2. I did not see this survey link until it was too late to take part, but I would have said that as an involuntarily cut man it definitely affected my body in a negative way.



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