Birth Tubs & Waterbirth

Because waterbirth is fabulous, and every woman and her baby deserve such a gentle, empowering birth, we've decided to add this birth tubs album. The photos here are meant solely to demonstrate the many different styles of tubs and pools that can be used for waterbirthing. Each photo here was shared with peaceful parenting and is not for use or posting elsewhere unless express, written permission is granted by the owner of the photograph.

We would love to hear from those of you who have had a waterbirth or used a birth tub.

What did you like or not like about the tub/pool you used?
What did you like/not like about waterbirth?
What tub/pool do you prefer?
What would you recommend to those interested?
If you are thinking of having a waterbirth ~ what questions do you have for others?

We are also interested to hear from those who have birthed in water outdoors - in a lake, the ocean, sea, etc.

If you have a photo of the tub you used that we may include in this album for other mothers to view while considering their waterbirth options, please drop us a note:


~ Happy Birthing! ~

A grandmother helps her daughter set up an Aqua Doula birth tub for the birth of her first grandchild.

Filling the Aqua Doula while the family pup attempts to contain his excitement for the impending event ~ not happy to lose his snooze spot by the side of the bed.

"Don't leave any bumps!" Danelle could not help but instruct her partner.
This tub ended up being used as a 'hot tub' of sorts - emptying/refilling several times between weeks 38-44 until the new baby decided he was ready for his life on the outside.

This photo makes me smile.
Watching the birth tub fill up over a (big) baby belly.

Birthing day is finally here!
Danelle was attended by the gentle guiding hands of Virginia Homebirth Midwifery

Born 10lb, 3.2oz ~ eating while relaxed in warm water

11 months later ~ playing in an Aquarium Pool at the Seven Cities Midwifery open house.
These pools - sometimes called 'fishy pools' - can be found at many locations - including your local retail store and on Amazon. Also available at Your

This tub was used for the waterbirth of Dominique's second baby.
It was made by a local midwife and her family.

The Ocean Room Birthing Tub at the Baby Love Birth Center,
Cape Coral Florida

Older sisters (above) help to set up an Aqua Doula for the arrival of their new baby brother.

Another helpful partner (below) fills up an Aqua Doula.

blissful laborland of a birthing goddess at home

Guggie uses a fishy tub she found on super sale at Target for the homebirth of her first baby.

The Garden Room Birthing Tub at the Baby Love Birth Center, Cape Coral FL

Birth in the La Bassine at home
La Bassine can be found at:
Waterbirth Solutions

Amber-joy laboring in her jetted hot tub (above)
~ the warm water wonders of a 'waterdural' ~

Another Aqua Doula birth tub is set up for birthing day

laboring in soothing waters
this was Krista's first HBAC (home birth after cesarean)

The Aqua Doula is certainly big enough for 2 people

First meal in the birth tub

HBAC #2 ~ Krista traveled 2 states away from home to a friend's house so that she could have the gentle home/waterbirth after cesarean that she desired.

Welcome Earthside Beautiful Baby!!
The Aqua Doula Birth Tub doubles as a leg rest! ;)
This is the position that feels comfortable for some women. The great thing about water is you can move so freely and gently within it. The warmth relaxes your muscles, so even outside the water, birth tends to take place more smoothly. Of course, being in the comforts of home has its advantages as well.

This bathtub has seen many babies gently slide into their momma's arms
at the Baby Love Birth Center.

Donna's beautiful waterbirth of baby #2 in an Aqua Doula at home
(Great idea to use pool noodles as a cushion boarder!)

First meeting ~ Love that fresh baby vernix!!

love & happiness & power & life all around

"Hello Dad"

Jen labors in a bathtub at the Bellingham Birth Center (WA) with Baby #1
The soft glow of candles all around.

Having one steady support person - a midwife (above) and/or a doula - with a woman throughout her entire labor/birth makes a big difference from the chaos and strangers that often walk in and out of a woman's birthing space in U.S. hospital wards.

The waterbirth of her first baby in a bathtub!
[Note: This is more blood than typical - Jen had some hemorrhaging that was soon rectified. However, even a few drops of blood looks like a lot when it is dispersed in water.]

Birthing Day for Baby #2 ~ bathtub at the Bellingham Birth Center

Baby #3; Waterbirth #3 and Jen gets her HOMEBIRTH - in a giant tub!
This is a farm grade feeding trough by Rubbermaid.

Jen's birth photos by Sandi Heinrich

Heavenly laborland massage by midwife, doula, and friend while in transition.

Son and his Momma meet for the first time earthside as she pulls him up from the warm waters.

Birthing Day in the Aqua Doula at Home
Megan is in transition here surrounded by her birth team. She entered the warm water at 6cm (which she said felt amazing) and quickly progressed into transition and stage 2.

9lb, 2oz baby boy is lifted from the water into his mothers waiting arms for the first time. This was Megan's 3rd baby, but her 1st home/waterbirth and her 1st drug-free labor/birth.

There is nothing like this primal bonding time between a mother and her newborn.

Big brother (4) and sister (2.5) join in to sing Happy Birthday to their newborn baby brother.

Big sister helps on birthing day.
The AquaBorn birth pool was used.
Learn more about the AquaBorn on their home site or at Waterbirth International.

Midwife, Margaret, sets up a Birth Pool in a Box at Atlanta Medical (downtown Atlanta, GA).

Lindsay says that her labor and waterbirth were filled with fun! :)

Partners who believe in the normal birth process can be great support.

Lindsay wasn't a fan of this position in the tub, but baby needed to rotate for exit.

Counter pressure!

Such power!
There is nothing quite as amazing and strong as a birthing woman.

A new little one enters the world gently in warm water.

HypnoBirthing in action while relaxing in a bathtub

Welcoming baby in the Ocean Room bathtub

To see birth videos from the Baby Love Birth Center
visit the Birth Bliss YouTube site here.

Sharon's first birth in a jacuzzi bath tub

warm water welcome

Sharon's second baby ~ inflatable pool at home

View Sharon's Birth Videos Here

Katherine's second daughter was born joyfully and peacefully at home, in her kitchen.

sweet surrender

Michelle labors in an Aqua Doula.
The birth visualization art that she created in the final weeks before her birthing day hangs on the wall behind the tub.


Surprise! A healthy, chunky little girl.

Reason to be beaming!
Read Michelle's full birth story here.


If you have birth tub / waterbirth photos to share with others, send them to and include any details (type of tub, # of birth) you'd like included.


Excellent books and videos for more information on waterbirth include:

Choosing Waterbirth

Waterbirth: A Midwife's Perspective

We Are All Waterbabies

The Waterbirth Book

The Waterbirth Handbook

Gentle Birth Choices (includes DVD of waterbirths)

Gentle Birth, Gentle Mothering

Birth As We Know It (DVD)

Orgasmic Birth (DVD)

Birth Day (DVD)



  1. I liked my labor tub okay (it was an AquaDoula, I think), but I might have expected too much from laboring in water, that it couldn't deliver. Being in it didn't seem to be any better than being out of it. Also, I wanted the water to be hotter, but it was only allowed to be slightly warmer than body temperature (about 101F), which felt far too cool to me.

    I gave birth in the tub (but still tore, despite being on hands-and-knees), and the midwife had me get out soon after the birth so that she could better assess the amount of blood lost. [She had told me before-hand that this is what would happen -- a little blood can go a long way in water, and she didn't want to either over- or under-estimate the blood loss. However, it still was an interference to get out of the tub and walk down the hall to my bedroom, when I would rather have just been holding my baby.]

    However, clean-up was very easy -- my husband just had to drain the pool and it was done. But, in my second birth (I opted not to get a labor tub, because I didn't think it helped me *that* much... and wished I had gotten one, so I could at least have had the *option* of laboring in water), I gave birth in the bathroom before the midwife got there, and the mess was very little -- just a couple of towels thrown onto the floor to catch the blood, and then tossed into the washing machine.


  2. I should have sent you a pic of me in my Aqua Doula. I loved that pool. I am going to be using an inflatable birthing pool this time. I hope I like it too. It is just cheaper to rent.

  3. I used an aqua doula and don't have ay complaints except that a cushier side, instead of foam, would be nice. I had to roll a towel up to be comfortable leaning over the edge.

    I loved my water birth and felt instant relief. I got in at 7 cm and almost instantly hit transition once I got in. So although my pain increased immensely (it was a super quick birth - 4.5 hours for a 1st timer), I could still tell a difference.

    What I liked most is that I could feel the baby's pressure better without the additional weight of gravity. I knew exactly where I needed to relax and open up. I don't think I would have been able to relax at all without the water.

    The one downside of having a water birth is that I tore really bad b/c the baby came out so fast (all in one push). There is part of me that wonders if I had been on a bed or something, would my midwife have been able to better slow down baby's entrance into the world? Neither of us know, it happened so fast.

    Still wouldn't trade my water birth though!

  4. Maragret was my (wonderful!) midwife. Didn't get my waterbirth last time around, but shooting for it this time. I'm preparing to move back to Atlanta and hoping that Margaret will be available again!

    Can't wait to read more comments!

  5. My last was a waterbirth at home. We used the fishie kiddie pool. This was by far my best birth. I always always have back labor and babies that come out sunnyside up. The 3 labors previously I could not find any way to be comfortable (even with an epidural with #2)but the water was AMAZING! As long as I was floating I had no pain and when I got out it only took a small amount of counter pressure to relieve any pains. I would absolutely do this again and again and again if I could! My only complaint was that it did slow labor down (we were wanting to birth before the midwives arrived so we could have a UC again, long story there) more than I expected but in the end with the pain relief it was worth it. Transition was a breeze and i can recall telling jokes and being lucid and with it the entire time versus my other births where transition became an unfocused out of body type experience. My husband did say the clean up of the pool was a little messy but the midwives were a great help with that.

  6. I've had two waterbirths at home, one with the "fishy pool" and the second with the La Bassine ( Debra is a former lay midwife and a friend)

    I had already been attending home/water births as an assistant, so I was very comfortable with it, and knew of it's safety. My boy's were born so peacefully, I was much more comfy than my first birth, in a hospital, before I "knew" anything!

    I would recommend, now, after using both pools, to try to invest in a "birthing pool" like the La Bassine, or Aqua Doula, as my knees got the brunt of it in the fishy pool, and the fishy pool wasn't big enough. The oval shape worked well for me, and the handles were helpful.

    Make sure you've got a "fish net" for the little "things" that come out and float around, to keep it clean. A good reverse water pump will help the doula and midwife for clean up after!

    I feel SO blessed that I met my midwife (she's my best friend) after I had my first in the hospital, my second and third got a beautiful and peaceful entrance to the world because of water birth at home!

  7. I have had four home waterbirths (after two hospital births) and am currently 20 wks pregnant with #7, planning a home waterbirth again, of course!

    My hospital births were as great and as natural as a hospital birth could be, but nothing compares to birthing in the water and being at home. The room is dark, just candlelight. It's quiet, just my cd playing softly - no one speaks, quietly respecting my wishes for no distractions. When the moment arrives, hubby gets in the tub, my midwives are across the room in case we need them, it's just DH and I with our children around us, watching. I birth into daddy's hands! Then I crawl into my own bed, cuddling my sweet baby and DH (and the kids and the dog...) and rest comfortably. It an amazing experience that you can only get with a home waterbirth.

    I bought one of Barbara Harper's Waterbirth International tubs, which works wonderfully. My births are very fast so a kiddy pool doesn't work - there wouldn't be time to fill it. The heated tubs can be set up in advance and they keep nicely warm- ready at a moment's notice. My fastest labour was 33 minutes, with our 9.5 lb posterier baby boy. When I come across the cd with our photos, I'll send you a few.

  8. I've had 2 waterbirths. :) One baby was born in the hot tub outside and the other was born in the Aqua Doula. I actually liked the hot tub a bit better b/c of the "seats" in it... I could move and sit and there were places to put my legs, etc. In the Aqua Doula, it was all flat on the bottom and I couldn't sit b/c I was too short. I guess we could have drained some of the water... or used a clean stool type of thing to sit on. Both times I was only in the water a short time though... I didn't really labor in the water.

    Waterbirth has been simply magical for me. It's so gentle for the babies and really such a special experience.

  9. Like you said, Julie, you can always put a stool in the water. One time we put in an inflatable stool then put the liner over the stool to create a soft built-in stool. That was really for DH because I prefer to be on my knees leaning forward against the edge of the tub.

  10. I've had three completely natural births, two were in the water.

    The water is the best gift to give yourself during labor. The warm water is relaxing, speeds up your labor and makes your contractions more effective.

    I never had any tearing with the water birth either. For both of my water births I ended up delivering in a semi squat or a complete squat when the birthing tub had handles.

    My first water birth was in the hospital tub that had a walk in door. I remember leaning back a bit during delivery to get comfortable. I ordered the Made in Water birthing tub for my home birth. It has handles on the sides, so I used those during pushing.

  11. Lisa, good point about not tearing. My last baby had a nuchal hand and I had just a teeny tear that didn't need stitches. I was amazed!

  12. Exactly Julie, I think my midwife called them "skid marks" :)

  13. I had my first baby in the bath in hospital and then second was born at home in a birthing pool made by a local midwife and her family.

    we had a little toddler step with a brick inside it to weigh it down and I could sit back on that which was nice in between contractions. Twas a massive pool and I had heaps of room to go forward on all fours during a contraction. I had a couple of those noodles too to lean my arms on when I was sitting on the step, with a hot water bottle on my lower back between contractions.

    am due to have my third baby in the next couple of weeks and the house we're in now cannot cope with the weight of that pool (it weighs a tonne with the water in it), so we're making a birthing space with it outside in the garden.

    I am also setting up a La Bassine pool in our bedroom/birthing room inside the house so I can decide on the day/night which space feels better, maybe even go between both, depending on the weather. Where we live you can see heaps of stars and it's beautiful on a nice night so we'll see what happens. ;)

  14. If I ever do it again, I'm doing it in the water. Last time I was in water for labor, but "they" made me get out before I delivered my little man. :/

  15. I am not sure what to add that has not already been said. I was at the hospital with my first so I spent most of my time in the shower, Midwifery Center with my second so tub time all the way, then a homebirth for #3 with the aquadoula.

    Water and birth go together like PB ad J :)

    I feel like being a doula and a mom of 3 I should have something more profound to say but much as been said already!

    Love the water :)

  16. I used the tub at my house (big whirlpool tub with jets and all that). It DEF relaxed me and calmed the pain, but it also kept slowing my labor. I preferred to labor out of it with my second.

  17. Thank you for starting this post--It's very inspirational!

  18. I think it's fantastic you chose waterbirth.

    I seriously do not understand why people (including medical professionals who should know the results from studies and have heard many testimonials) are against something that is obviously better for mother and baby.

  19. i have had two home waterbirths as well.. well one son's head was birthed in the water, then i had to get out.. that was a sight! i am planning my third home waterbirth. i have used the aquadoula both times.. had a towel under my neck and my hand kind of up by my head with DH holding them ..i was able to float through my labors.. nothing more relaxing... i plan on using the aquadoula pictures though.. we don't do pics until after the baby is a few hours old.. i feel its sacred and very spiritual..

  20. Look at all these awesome waterbirthing mamas :)

  21. I just used the kitty tub that my midwife gave me. It was too shallow for me, wasn't comfortable. I would definitely spend the $ to buy or rent something bigger for next time.

  22. this is just beyond awesome.

  23. I know such lovely photos of little families and birth! ;)

  24. I had a waterbirth at home, in our bathtub. I loved it except for the fact that our tub was so freakin small! LOL we had ordered a " La Bassine" birrth pool, but the thing arrived too late. It came the day after Maya was born. I would do a WB again in a heartbeat. What would I do differently? ORDER THE POOL EARLIER. :)

    Labor was easier in the water, that's for sure. We did unassisted. (no midwife, just hubby).

  25. I'v e attended about 100 waterbirths and I had one myself :)

  26. Waterbirth at home with kiddie pool. All the things I worried about didn't materialize...such as water getting too cold, or that I wouldn't be comfortable sitting in my afterbirth. My husband was even comfortable in it. The wisdom of my body and the miracle of birth has transformed me yet again. Glad I had a midwife though. She was awesome.

  27. Our midwives have attended births in the very smallest of apartments. :) It can always be done. There just needs to be 1 foot of 'space' on any side of the tub. And (as a few of these photos showed - or as Ricki Lake displayed in her movie, "The Business of Being Born") even the bathtub can be the location for waterbirth. :)

    Waterbirth is great for midwives ~ as is anything that makes mom more relaxed, baby more able to gently enter the world ~ and birth go more naturally and normally without unnecessary upset and intervention. :)

  28. I have had two wonderful waterbirths... the first was a 3 corner jacuzzi tub at a freestanding birth center, the second was an inflatable birthing tub in my family room. :)

    Anyone is welcome to see my birth videos, they are located at! I'd appreciate if if those who watch would leave a comment! Thanks! :D

  29. These photos are amazing. I've never had a natural birth.

  30. I loved my water births and wouldn't choose to do it any other way!

    I used La Bassine b/c that's what my midwives have and I liked it.

    Things I liked - Deep. I like a lot of water! Easy to set up and take down. Cushiony! The bottom inflates as well so you're not on the ground or another hard surface, and the sides are really pillowy, which was great for me since I liked to lean over the sides. Handles - they're great to grab if you need, especially since the sides can be slippery and hard to hold onto if you need. Big, but not TOO big - you can comfortably fit two or three people, but it fit well in my small rooms.

    I guess a negative would be that it doesn't have a heater so you have to warm it up if you're in it for a long time. That was easy though since we just had the hose attached to the water heater and just dumped a bit more hot water in when I wanted it a little bit warmer.

  31. I was really excited about having a home birth and thought I would labour and possibly deliver in the water. I have a HUGE corner tub in our ensuite. What I didn't know was how uncomfortable it would be because it is not soft or padded. You also can't immerse in it the same way you can in the beautiful tub you have here. I want to have another baby so I can try it all over again - I just don't think dh is up for #3! :)

  32. I've delivered babies in every tub imaginable. My favorite is the Softub which is a portable spa, not really even a "birth tub" per se. A lot of our moms are liking the new Aquaborn Eco tub.

  33. I hoping this next one will be a waterbaby in June. I've had 3 homebirths & missed the water every time.

    First birth, the tub was amazing for pain relief, but I decided to get out because labor was slowing & I was exhausted. I never waddled back in.

    Second birth, the tub didn't arrive.

    Third birth, labor went so fast that we didn't even finish blowing it up. I was pushing & asking when I could get in the water. I remember everyone laughing at that point because they could see his head. lol.

    I bought the Eco tub for that last birth & have lent it out twice. Both times, those mammas also had labors too fast to finish filling up the water. Our joke is that I'll keep passing around the tub to anyone who wishes a fast, dry labor ;)

  34. It was WONDERFUL! The water was like magic - it seemed to take the edge off of the contractions and brought a kind of balance. I could truly relax between contractions/pushing. Getting put of the water afterward is a bit difficult, but I was in baby fog at that point so I really didn't mind. Wouldn't have it any other way! (Oh and we bought a 24 inch deep kiddie pool - worked just fine!)

  35. I LOVE water!! Used it birthing all 5 of my children and would recommend it to any of my clients as well! Magic!

  36. YES!! 7 weeks ago today... i would never birth any other way :)

  37. I had 3 water births at home.......this was after having 3 land births in a hospital!!!

  38. I had my first in hospital no water(apart from the hour when I first arrived at hospital and told to get out :( ) and a bad experience.

    When i became pregnant again was quite scared of the thought to give birth as I had 3rd degree tear etc but decided to go to the local birth centre/house and found the waterbirth to be very healing, calming and amazing pain relief and no stitches!!

    My third was a peaceful, quick water/homebirth.

    Go the waterbirth-I went in water at about 2 min apart contrax- wouldn't have it any other way!!

  39. Just had my first baby in February, in a hospital. It was horrible and I couldn't get in the tub because they put me on pitocin (one of many things I wish I had known better about...). My next will come at home and we fully intend on having a birthing pool.

  40. The aquarium pool was very nice. It has good soft and supportive sides for leaning on.

  41. My water birth was beautiful. I had planned to have it and it turned out better then I could have ever hoped! The experience has changed the negativity associated with childbirth for me and my husband(who had the rare and amazing opportunity to deliver our baby!)...

  42. I've had two, one at a birth center and one at home, planning another for November! :) Best experiences of my life, I'm actually excited to give birth again!

  43. Both of my kids were waterbabies. The 1st was a hospital birth but the 2nd one was @ home in a Birth Tub in a Box. I loved it!

  44. I just had a waterbirth and i thought it was so fantastic, i almost want to get pregnant again just so I can do it again. lol :)

  45. We planned a waterbirth for #2 after 3rd/4th degree tears with #1 (regular hospital birth, no pitocin but lying down, demerol, episiotomy, etc).

    We rented a heated birthing tub from a local doula and found a midwife who LOVES waterbirth and was very excited for us and we did a TON of research, we were very well prepared.

    In the end, I had pregnancy-induced hypertension and at 38 weeks needed an "emergency" induction or else risk eclampsia... So it was bye-bye waterbirth dream. :( At least this time, better educated, even with the pitocin I delivered squatting with no other interventions (despite their protests!) and she slipped out in only 3 easy pushes and no tearing.

    If we have a #3, we'll still plan for a home waterbirth.

  46. I labored in the water for my VBAC, but my midwife made me get out to push...and I understood her reasons. Next time though, I won't be getting out :)

  47. This album is AMAZING!!!!!!!

  48. Thanks for sharing this album; I always wished I could have had a waterbirth with ANY of my three kids. I was able to have natural births in the hospital, and they went very well for the most part, but I always desired to have a more private and comfortable waterbirth. If I could have more children (which I can't) I'm positive now that I would!

  49. Lovely pics. I am now motivated me to clean my big jacuzzi tub (that we have never used since we moved in two years ago) just for labor this summer.

  50. I'm so glad to see mommas give birth in the comfort of their homes. People acted as if my homebirth was a big deal but in reality it was so much easier than the hospital and I labored for only 8 1/2 hours. Birth is not a medical emergency it is a natural event!

  51. My bros wife has had five of their seven kids delivered at home. Congrats.

  52. I don't see the one I used here. It was blow up, and not heated, but it was summer in CA so they just put hot water in it. I loved it because the sides were soft and bouncy and I leaned over them as much as I could and it was so comfortable.. as much as anything can be comfortable during a contraction.

  53. I really want to do a water birth with my next. It seems so calm and natural!

  54. Love these pictures! I would also love to try water birth with my next child! I am just not sure where a facility would be to attempt that... But no fears, I will do more research when I become pregnant again. :]

  55. My waterbirth was better than I'd imagined it. Warm, supportive, calm baby... I'd do it again in a heartbeat.

  56. Loved my waterbirth.. And it was in a hospital with a midwife.. Such an amazing experience! I like to think our little girl has a love of the water because of it:) She is like a little fish!

  57. Make sure you have a good hose ready to fill the tub up with. We learned the hard way and had water spraying everywhere and dashed my dreams of laboring and possibly birthing in the tub. Baby came peacefully anyhow and I will be prepared with a brand new hose next time!

  58. I so loved my loved it

  59. Stunning pictures! x

  60. Solène QuazzoloMay 24, 2010 1:56 AM

    water sounds great! i am to give birth between tonight or tomorrow and I wish I had such bathtub, unfortunately I dont...

  61. Wow, good luck Solene :) Have a great birth experience!

    Pictures are great - I think I've decided for my next birth I'd like a home waterbirth.

  62. Water definitely helps...even taking a shower during contractions! For my own experience, water makes everything so much easier.

  63. thank you so much for including my pics! i ♥ peaceful parenting!!

  64. we planned a waterbirth at home, but i found with a posterior baby it didnt help at all, and finally she was talking way to long to come out, so after talking to midwfie i got out of pool and birthed her next contraction. . . . . i still hope to experience a waterbirth one day, and an anterior positioned baby! (have had 2 posterior bubbas)

  65. on a practical note: the pool we used had hard sides (was plastic piping with stretched plastic over top) i found a rolled up towel on the edge helped (i was leaning over the edge and got very sore uner arms) and also i got very very hot in there ( was winter so had fire going in the lounge, and midwives kept bucketing big pots of hotwater into the pool to be ready for the baby i had out of the pool in the end! started off with a 3rd full pool, and it ws full to top by end, think i was labouring in there for about 3 hours) so i found that my partner who was sitting out of the pool held a container with ice cold water and when i was having a contraction he placed an icey cold flannel on my face.

  66. I am 33 weeks, and planning a home waterbirth. I have decided to buy the La Bassine birthing pool, that looks perfect in everyway for me. I am so excited, I hope that everything goes as good as I dream of!

  67. a dad was setting up the tub yesterday morning, but their baby boy had other plans - mama, dad, big sis and new babe will have a family bath in it tonight!

  68. LOVED my birthing tub!! The sides were hard, but a rolled up towel did the trick.

  69. I had all three of my children at home but had a beautiful waterbirth with my second child, was definitely the easiest and less painful birth out of my three. I only wish that I had a birthing TUB, what a wonderful idea!! I had a blow up kiddies pool which did the job but would have been great to have something more solid!

  70. peta-- exactly! i was leaning against the back so hard during pushing that after a few CASCADES of water flowing out, hubby had to spend the rest of the time holding the pool up behind me. ggrrr, i felt restricted! next time i BUY and aqua doula...then rent it out to get my money back!

  71. If i ever have another baby, I REALLY want a water birth! My experience having my son at the hospital sucked!, I felt like i was being controlled by the nurses and my OB would walk in and tell me to sit up so she could fix some darn monitor WHILE I was contracting, It was not fun. I would love a home water birth next time around...

  72. Loved, loved, loved my water birth!!

  73. :( I missed out on so much... I wished i had someone to tell me more about water birthing before i had my son.

  74. What did you like or not like about the tub/pool you used? I loved how relaxing it was. I liked how easy I could move around. I preferred to turn to my right side when I had a contraction and it was easy being weightless and not having the heavy feeling of my body.

    What did you like/not like about waterbirth? The cushion behind my head kept falling off.

    What tub/pool do you prefer? I had a hospital waterbirth, and I am not sure what brand it was!

    What would you recommend to those interested? I guess just shop around and see what others like; read reviews.

    My experience was amazing. I was so in awe. My first labor was long (27 hours) and I had an epidural and I hated it.

    This time it was 9 1/2 hours from start to finish and I pushed for just 13 minutes. I remember being at an 8 and being in awe that it really didn't get bad ever. Labor was not horrible like it's portrayed in the movies. I am so amazed that I went all natural and I couldn't believe it when she came out so easily and I held this beautiful baby in my hands! I can't even describe the feelings, but mostly awe. She then latched on immediately and fed for an hour-and-a-half. She is now 3 months old and still a super calm baby, much more so than her hyper 2 1/2 year old brother!

  75. awesome and I watched Sharon's birthing experience, if you can please tell her it was very inspiring and good.
    I want to have a HWBAC at the next baby and I hope to find a good birthing pool here in Italy where me and my Scottish husband live with our almost 2y.o. baby Robert.

  76. I used the Sevylor round pool (was $25 on amazon but can't find it anymore) VERY similar to the La Bassine only round instead of oval and much cheaper! Didn't end up birthin in it (little one decided that my trip to the bathroom was a good time to be born!) but it was amazing for the 27 hour labor! labor pics are here:

  77. Q. What did you like or not like about the tub/pool you used?
    A. We used an oval stock tank rather than an inflatable birth pool because I really craved the rigidity of a *solid* walled tub. We went with one that had totally smooth sides and bottom, rather than the Rubbermaid; I felt like all the indentations from the Rubbermaid would bother me.

    Q. What did you like/not like about waterbirth?
    A. Loved it. I waterbirthed my 2nd child (not enough time to fill the tub with #1!), and since I like to be inside my own head space when laboring, I also rather enjoyed how the tub physically separated me from the rest of my birth team. The warm water was soothing, but the buoyancy that allowed for easy position changes stands out to me as a benefit not often mentioned.

    Q. What tub/pool do you prefer?
    A. I loved my 200-gal plastic stock tank!

    Q. What would you recommend to those interested?
    A. My husband was concerned about the hassle and mess, but I got him a couple of links to pages with very technical specs and instructions--as an engineer, he was sold on it after that. Also: double-line your tub if leaking is a concern. Do a test-run 4 weeks prior to EDD to get a feel for how quickly it'll fill up, what it'll feel like, how to arrange your cushioning (we used the interlocking foam floor squares for kids, cut to fit the bottom of the pool), practice sumping it out, etc. A stepstool to get in/out is helpful, too. Fill the tub with water a couple degrees warmer than you want for the birth, as it will lose heat during the labor. you can also throw a vinyl tablecloth and an insulated blanket over it to keep it up to temp while you're not in it. We bought a floating pool thermometer to keep in it to ensure it stayed adequately warm. Turn up your water heater to make sure you can fill it quickly enough with warm enough water in case your labor is precipitous. (I've had a couple of those!) And I cannot stress enough how much I LOVED having a rigid tank instead of a pool...something FIRM to grab hold of, brace against. Plus, they're deeper/longer/wider than the inflatable ones (and cheaper than the birth pools).

  78. I labored in my bath tub with nice hot water and got out for the actual birth. I did this for two babies, it worked great!

  79. Our water birth story and photos are here:

    Our 11 pound, 6 ounce baby boy was born at home in the garden tub in our bathroom.

  80. I loved the "Fishy" pools. Spent $20-$40 (including shipping)for each of my births. I've used the hexigon and the round& was equilly happy with them. Loved the soft bottom& sides to lean into :)
    2 out of 3 of my births can be seen here:

  81. **********Fishy pool!**********

    $26.50 - 60" x 23," 84 + gallons, 0.30 mm thickness. I don't see a reason to spend the extra money on "birthing pools." This one works great, and you see it all the time in home birthing photos and videos. =] The bottom is padded and it's comfy.

  82. My second daughter was born in the water at my midwife's practice. I was in active labor by 12am and labored in the tub the whole time, then gave birth at 338am. She's always loved water and never wants to get out, whether bath, shower, pool or ocean!
    I definitely plan on doing it again, if we can have another baby.

  83. These pictures brought tears to my eyes. I can't wait to give birth again! Right now I'm in the horrible morning sickness and part of relief is looking at newborns :)

    I had my first in water at a local birth center and plan to do the same with this one.

    I loved water birth because it made me so weightless. I didn't feel any pressure and no pain until crowning. I have no idea how different, or not, it would've been without the water experience.

  84. I really liked the Aqua Born (lime green) pool. It was really deep! While sitting on my bottom, the top of the pool rested against the back of my head.

    The handles are easy to grasp, the sides of the pool are really wide and easy to lay on. Granted, you will sweat while laboring and leaning on plastic, but that's nothing a wet wash cloth can't fix.

    Birthing in water was a wonderful way to bring my baby into this world. There was something really relaxing about just laying there during labor and not having anything touching me; having the pressure of my own body removed from me was very nice.

    Let me know if you want some birthing day pics, I'll be happy to send them along.

  85. I had a home water birth with baby #1. Our midwife came with a tub, and I am not sure what type, but there wasn't any time to set it up. She arrived 2 1/2 hours after my water broke, at 1030 pm; I was at 10 cm at the end of transition, and all I could get out was, "I want in the tub, hurry!!!" We filled our garden tub in our bathroom. I got in around 11 pm. Entering the water was the best feeling ever. I labored down for an hour while my husband and midwife couldn't tell I was having contractions. The warm water was so soothing and relaxing. 14 minutes of pushing and our baby was born! Now she loves the water and we can't keep her out of it.

    I couldn't imagine having a baby in anything but the water. I firmly believe more women would consider, attempt, and achieve a natural birth if a tub was an option.

  86. I wish I had pictures ... but here is the story of my water birth of my baby girl <3

  87. Catholic shout-out to Guggie labouring with a brown scapular! May you be in Our Lady's prayers.

  88. Could those of you that have had waterbirths in different types of tubs fill me in on your thoughts about which is better: to have a cushioned/inflatable birth tub or a heated tub that may not have the cushioning?

    If cost is not a concern - what is the best inflatable birth tub you can purchase (or rent) - ex: 'Aquaborn' 'La Bassine' 'Birth in a Box', etc.?

    If cost is not a concern - what is the best heated birth tub you can purchase (or rent) - ex: 'AquaDoula' 'Gentle Birth Pool' 'Spa-N-a-Box', etc.?

    For those who feel that the heated birthing tubs are best (especially for longer labors) are there tricks you know of to add cushioning to the tub? I know that I've seen people use pool noodles around the edges. Other things that can be done?

    Finally, what are some of the best add-ons to have for a birthing tub? (Such as a birth seat that goes into the tub, pull straps I saw for the La Bassine, etc.?)

    Thank you for all your tips! I'm needing to make these decisions very soon and do not know which way to go as I only have one chance to purchase the right set up.

    1. April - your question was shared with the Peaceful Parenting community on Facebook to obtain some further feedback on these questions. :) Here is the direct link:

  89. I'm wondering which of the popularly used birth tubs has the most depth (Aquaborn, Birth Pool in a Box, La Bassine Maxi, etc.)? Is there one you would recommend over others, and if so, why? Thank you!

    1. Heidi - your question was shared here to the PP FB community so you'd be able to receive a greater number of responses:



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