February Top 10

It was so interesting to look back at the Top 10 of 2010 (and so many people were asking for the list), that last month (Jan) we decided to implement something new for 2011. On the last day of each month, we're taking a quick look over the "Top Ten" most read articles at peaceful parenting that month. Readers wishing to catch up on the most frequently read and passed along items can do so easily, and those curious about what they missed can check them out.

Here are February's Top Ten:

#10 Sleep Training: A Review of Research

#9 Nipplephobia: When Mammals May Not Feed Their Young

#8 Common Car Seat Errors

#7 Why Pregnancy Due Dates Are Inaccurate

#6 Why African Babies Don't Cry

#5 Mother's Skin-to-Skin Goodbye Saves 20oz Baby

#4 Seven Benefits of CoSleeping

#3 Crying It Out Causes Brain Damage

#2 Boston Area Woman Naturally Births Her First 13 Pound Baby 

#1 Amidst Shekinah Glory, Husband Loses Best Friend and Sings His Baby Girl to Heaven
Often some of the most challenging times for someone who loses a dearly close loved one are the weeks and months that follow the loss, when people fade away, the cards stop coming, the hugs become less frequent, and lonely days set in. Please pray for Chad, even after this first month of grieving the loss of his beautiful wife and baby daughter, and keep him in your thoughts for a long time to come. We will be giving all donations to peaceful parenting at this time to Chad, and Sara Cole's memorial fund that he established in her honor. Chad, our hearts are with you. You have touched so many lives even in the midst of such tragedy. What a testimony you have!


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