Erykah Badu Nurses to "Fall in Love"

When primal mothering reaches into our everyday lives - from times at work, to play, and everywhere in between - it is a beautiful thing. When celebs step out with examples of baby-friendly parenting, it causes a ripple effect in those who esteem and potentially imitate the lives of the "rich and famous."

Even despite the ill-informed nay-sayers (those who chastise Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr for introducing the world to their son with a breastfeeding photo; project fear over Gisele Bündchen's or Owen Wilson and Jade Duell's homebirths, or chuckle at Cam Gigandet and the babywearing men of Hollywood) awareness is brought to the subject at hand, and others see what a splendid, normal thing gentle parenting is. 

In this video of her 2010 song, Fall in Love, Erykah Badu casually sings her heart out while nursing her daughter, Mars Merkaba, in studio surrounded by coworkers and friends, including beau, Jay Electronica. Even more encouraging to onlookers is that this isn't just a tiny newborn at the breast - older babies need mom's milk and comfort on cue too. Homeschooling mom, Badu, has said in the past that child-led weaning (natural duration of human nursing) has fostered secure attachment and empowered her children to become confident and independent.

In this video we see Badu's nursing daughter (Badu's third child) who was birthed at home in 2009 in her own perfect timing (past her 'guess date'). Badu says, "She was a little past due date, but I didn't mind waiting." She opened that day two years ago with a tweet to fans, "Everybody stand back. No hospitals. No doctors. No medicine. We're waiting for the midwife to show." Thank you, Badu, and others for exemplifying normal, natural mothering in all its many blissful forms.

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