Rosie the Riveter: Breastfeeding, Babywearing Momma!

When Andrea, of Strawberry Mohawk, snapped a few babywearing and breastfeeding photos of herself as Rosie the Riveter with her adorable little 5 month old bundle, we knew they'd be a hit among peaceful parenting moms and advocates everywhere. Andrea is fun and fresh and we adore her gorgeous photography and her empowering, positive take on raising strong girls and supporting women in all their magnificent endeavors. Primal mothering - informed and consciously chosen, equipped and supported - is another key issue in women's rights and women's lives today.

You can read Andrea's homebirth story here, and visit her original We Can Do It! post inspired by Rosie. Andrea said she snapped the nursing Rosie shot "for all my fellow breastfeeding moms out there struggling with our nursing rights and image." YOU can do it!

 Breastfeeding Rosie the Riveter 

Babywearing Rosie the Riveter



  1. love these pics.

  2. AWESOME!!!!! Love this! I am still nursing my 4 year old, and co sleeping with her. She is so healthy and kind, I am glad that I didn't listen to my moronic MD about how long to nurse or how. In fact we quite going when my daughter was 2 months old. Never went back!



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