A Moment in Breastfeeding: Showing Less 'Boob' Than the Storefront Model

Laura Goodwin shared her experience in a Texas mall yesterday, and we thought it was a good one to pass along to readers. Thank YOU for nursing in public and normalizing the natural feeding of our young.

Laura writes, "I walked around the mall, nursing here and there, with hands-free while shopping. I don't think anyone even noticed that I was breastfeeding, but I thought I'd capture this moment to make a point about our society's view on breastfeeding in public. I'm 'showing less boob' than the model in the window. #NormalizeSociety, because breastfeeding is already normal!"

Laura continues, "I'm a pretty modest, shy person when it comes to various stages of undress, etc., but I don't see feeding my children as something to hide, or to be embarrassed of. I have been asked to cover up. I have fed my babies in a bathroom stall. And I have been judged for my choices... But just one day (not long ago) I decided I was done hiding and being ashamed. Now, if people don't like it, I just encourage them not to stare so much!"


Laura Goodwin is a 31 year old at-home mom of two (Adalyn, 3, and Asher, almost 1) in Texas. She is an avid writer with a dream to serve mothers and their families as a doula one day. Laura is a natural/evidence-based birth advocate, lactavist, intactivist and children's advocate. She adores bing outside, painting, reading, music, animals and poetry.

For further reading and support visit the Breastfeeding Resource Page.


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