Keepsake Ultrasounds Banned in State of Connecticut

Midwife extraordinaire, Gloria Lemay, mentioned in her blog regarding the (below) article:

Just when I’ve completely despaired of the human race, a little ray of hope shines through. This morning I received this news post. I would like to fly to Connecticut right now and hug Gov. M. Jodi Rell for throwing the frivolous ultrasounders out of the (womb) temple. Hallelujah! I’ll be sending this item to my own Provincial Health Minister and the College of Physicians and Surgeons and urging them to do the same.

If you’re passionate about protecting babies, please do the same in your own province or state. I loved this line “Rell says she understands that desire, but doesn’t want to risk the health of the mother and child.” Nice to have this woman as our partner.

Conn. governor signs keepsake ultrasound ban

Associated Press

June 24, 2009


Gov. M. Jodi Rell has signed a bill that bars anyone from performing ultrasounds on pregnant women unless a doctor orders them for medical or diagnostic purposes.

The new law, to take effect on July 1, is in response to a small but growing number of businesses offering commercial "keepsake" ultrasounds and in-utero videos.

Supporters of the legislation say ultrasounds for entertainment are inappropriate and potentially dangerous if done repeatedly, though no conclusive studies have proven long-term injuries to women or their fetuses.

Owners of the so-called ultrasounds boutiques say the technology is safe and offers parents a valuable service to see their baby in the womb.

Rell says she understands that desire, but doesn't want to risk the health of the mother and child.

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