Toddler at the Snack Bar

Now this is a cartoon I can relate to these days...

(click cartoon for larger version)

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  1. Love it! My daughter is pretty close to figuring out how to lift my shirt. It's going to be very interesting once that happens. lol!

    You might find my recent post on breastfeeding in a bathroom an interesting read. I am ashamed to say that I tried it. I am proud to say, I won't ever do it again.

  2. I can relate too. In fact every time I pull out a story my 3 year old thinks this means it is time to nurse. Drives me bonkers! Because I rally want to read her a story!

  3. LOL love the comic. My girl pulls the shirt, down, not up but other than that we could be in that comic!

  4. Today my 2.5 year old said to me "I want to drink mommy milk all day" when I asked what his plans were for the daY!!!

  5. I always laugh at the weaning idea to substitute reading for nursing. Nothing says "nursing" to my toddlers like a good picture book :-) The current nursling now insists on having her favorite book held open to her favorite page while she nurses to sleep at night.

  6. my 18 month old pulls my shirt down and says "bee bees" when she wants to nurse, any time, any where lol



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