Mary's Reflection: Blessed Am I Among Women

Tiny Baby asleep on my breast
You let out a little cry
Which will one day ring out from the cross.
Nuzzling close, you latch on
My Bread of Life drinks in my life milk.
He who will one day save me
Snuggles in the warmth of my protection.
Nestled on my chest our hearts beat together
The heart which will bleed for me.
He cries for His milk,
But one day I will weep for His life.
These tiny fingers will heal the leprous and blind
But for now they grasp my finger.
These eyes will pierce the darkness
But for now they gaze up at me.
These feet will walk on water
But for now I warm them in my palm.
This mouth will draw many to Him
But for now it draws comfort from my breast.
One day He will Give Life
But for now I give mine for Him.
Blessed am I among women!

~ Michelle Abernathy

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  1. Absolutely beautiful!! Merry Christmas!

  2. At the heart of Christianity is the birth of a boy to a teenage woman of humble origins. Because this happened 2000 years ago, the babe was breastfed, of course, and probably for more than a year. I cannot think of another religion where breastfeeding lies so close to one of its key mysteries, namely the Incarnation.

    The boy was circumcised as per the Covenant, but that circumcision may have been much less radical than Jewish, Islamic, and American circumcision today. And within 20 years of his death, his followers decided that Jewish circumcision was to have no place in the new faith.

  3. For the Feast of the Immaculate Conception (which celebrates Mary's conception, not Jesus's) one of the Marian hymns we sang started out with a verse describing Jesus suckling at the breast of Mary. I couldn't help but ponder how beautiful it is to be part of a religion that honors and respects breastfeeding, and how the Incarnation has truly elevated such things.



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