Faith Considerations on Circumcision


  1. God creates his children perfectly. There is no disassembly required.

  2. oh my goodness, what a cute little chunkster!! :)

  3. Oh my goodness! What a little chub!!! LOVE ♥

    I tackle circumcision and Christianity in some of my blog posts. It amazes me how many people are misled on this topic!

  4. Fattie! ♥ LOVE HIM, ALL OF HIM!

  5. Haha, lol, "no dissasembly required". Good one!

  6. That is beautiful, I love that the scriptures have been used here :-)
    And what a gorgeous little boy x

  7. I am amazed at how much religious scripture there is about not circumcising. It can be found in about any religion, yet so many people ignore this information. In my opinion, genital cutting is an evil practice. I am sure many of the people who actually do the cutting may not be evil, but what they are doing is very evil. I long for the day they break the evil spell and take a look at what they are doing, and stop it forever.

  8. Ok-I'm going to share my struggle with this.
    I'm a christian, and I do not feel that I need to have my boys circumcised in order to be holy, loved by God, obedient etc. I do realize that God said that men no longer needed to be cirucmcised.

    I wonder why God ever asked this of anyone in the first place.(old testament.) Was that version of circumcising as awful as what it is today?

    I was advised to cut my boys (10 years ago) and regret it with every fiber of my being. I was told it was cleaner, and that they'd have fewer *problems*.

    It sounded awful to me, but someone pointed out to me "if it was so awful, do you think God would ever ask anyone to do it to their baby?"
    That was the only reason I allowed it to happen.

    I've since read that biblical circumcision was entirely different than that performed by our extremely thorough western doctors.

    I wish I can reverse it, but I can't. I know there are "ways"...but I think that would be up to them, when they're grown.

    1. I know how you're feeling, Corrabelle. I've been there too, and the paster we have now is very open and honest about everything - including antiquity practices of genital cutting, among other things. But those we grew up with (my husband and I) were very hush-hush about anything pertaining to sex and there was no way we were going to get a lesson on circumcision. So, we just did what "everyone" did, and had our son circumcised. We were clueless to any aspect of it. And I regret it now significantly, but like you said, restoration is his choice to make when the time comes that he's an adult. I won't go messing with his body any more. But I DO hope that some other pastors consider looking into this subject and including a workshop or class or something for parents so that the congregation can be informed on the topic. It is too important to ignore, and we should love our sons enough to be able to talk about it among fellow Christians.

      You have likely already read this, but if not, it is a good one on Biblical Circumcision:

  9. awww, sweet little nugget!

  10. Circumcision is cruel. Some doctor botched my circumcision when I was an infant and now I have a deformed, horrible-looking mistake. I would never do this to my son. God gave us all a beautiful, perfectly designed body.

  11. Biblical circumsion was no where near what they do now. The foreskin was not removed at all. Today's circ is purely cosmetic. I also believe circ was done away with and it is now circumcision of the heart, not physical cutting. My son is intact and I am so thankful. I grew up assuming if I had a boy, he would be circ'd. Then I saw a video of it being done and that pushed me to research it more.

  12. I'm very discouraged reading these. Not because there are differing views about circumcision - obviously there will be non-Christian and Christians chiming in. I really see no point in this conversation happening between Christians and Non-Christians because if someone rejects Jesus Christ and His Word then circumcision is a totally meaningless and empty matter - conversation over. But what is grievous to me is those within the camp of Christ speaking about it. I'm opened minded, but as a Christian my mind is open and subject to the Scriptures. I have yet to hear a true follower of Christ give a lock tight Biblical defense for or against circumcising. I hear/see professing believers saying they love God and would say He is wise and all loving and perfect in all His ways, then with the same heart and tongue they bash and demonize circumcision as mutilation, horrific, disgusting, abusive, cruel as one person above mentioned.........yet we get circumcision from GOD! Outside of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, there is no circumcision. The wisdom of God puts to shame the "wisdom" of man. For example: one post above said, "Circumcision is cruel" then they said "God gave us all a beautiful, perfectly designed body" (the contradiction and illogical comment made here is that God is the designer of Circumcision. This person is probably not a Christian, has no regard for the entirety of the Bible, and is probably just a "theist" in general...they believe in "a god" of some sort.) I would just say to Christians, read the FULLNESS of the Scriptures, consider a change of covenant from the Old covenant to the New Covenant (for those who follow Christ), and pay particular attention to Galatians. Now, in short, I'm going to opt not to circumcise should the Lord give us a boy, but not because it is "horrible, vile, disgusting, abusive, cruel, etc...", because it is not, it was God's design, it had a purpose, but consider the New Covenant, that God wants to circumcise our hearts.

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