Gift Collection For Mom Who Lost Baby/Spouse Deployed

One of our sweet mamas, a gentle parenting mother herself, and never-tiring powerhouse advocate for babies and their own parents, just lost her baby in her second trimester and had her husband deploy overseas to Afghanistan yesterday. She is struggling to cope with three little ones at home alone. If you've lost a baby, or had a partner deploy into a war zone, you know the pain and heartache that comes with either. To have both happen at once is a great trial for even a strong, steadfast mother.

I desperately would love to be able to provide this mom with some support in the form of prepared and sent meals, a sitter for her kids when she needs a break to rest or just be still, and any other help that may lighten the load. She is a doula who has helped so many mothers in their own journeys, a birth and babies advocate, and an inspiration to so many, I just hope we can return the love.

Knowing the challenges that come with a spouse deploying immediately after a life-shaking personal upset, I understand that sometimes help from other loving souls around you is all that gets you through. If you are able to toss in a buck or two to help me provide something for this mother, I truly thank you on her behalf. I can't do it alone, but I know there are others who may have a coffee they can skip today to help her. Thank you.

Email/Facebook code:


Peaceful Parenting
P.O. Box 1302
Virginia Beach, VA 23451

deployment photo by John Tlumacki



  1. I know what it's like to lose a baby so late. I can't imagine how I would have coped without my husband and family. I will keep her and her husband in my prayers. I hope my donation can help in some small way...

  2. This is the awesome power of the internet! :) I already sent some $$ to Erin and would send more if I could! I was just talking to the mama about nursing during pregnancy. My heart is breaking for her.



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