A Minute In History: 1-1-11 11:11

 Duke University Students ~ Class of 2011

Today, whatever you are doing, wherever you are, grab your camera and snap a picture at 11:11 (your time). Take the picture of whoever or whatever is in front of you, of yourself, your location, your passion, your activity - anything that captures this minute in history. Upload it to the peaceful parenting Facebook page, or email it to us (peacefulparents{at}gmail.com). We'll collect and display the images in a gallery here for a keepsake glance at one minute in history among moms and dads and kids and babies and the lives we are living as we dive into the second decade of the 21st century.

Update: we received so many "First Milk" photos that this album will be a joint venture - a look into the lives of peaceful parenting moms, dads, and their little ones on the first day of this new year - 1-1-11 - and most of them captured at 11:11! :)

 Sunrise on 1-1-11 ~ Photographed by Enith in Florida.

Marie-Pier's photo, taken at Rimouski (Quebec, Canada) at 11:11. "It's our first pankakes of the new year. You can see my 9 months daughter eating by herself her pieces of pankake (with maple sirup). I've always practice babyled feeding with Elizabeth :-) 
No stress, mommy's milk is always the first choice meal!"

Zachary finishing his book at 11:11 in Washington

 Nikki's cozy family taking a nap at 11:11 after a late New Years night in Germany ♥

 Dorothy took this photo at 11:11 in Ohio of the 4 most important people in her life - her kids!

 Jennifer's little one, snoozing and snacking at 11:11

Heather and her little one reading a book at 11:11 in Wyoming

Melissa's (almost) 18 month old daughter in Missouri at 11:11, "Sleeping in our own bed after we spent a week at Grandma's for bio dad visitation and specialist appointments. Ironically wearing her peaceful parenting onesie that reads: 
Breastfeeding, Sling Riding, Sleep Sharing, Cloth Diapered Lucky Baby!"

 Michelle's daughter with her felt pizza at 11:11 in Arizona.
Sarah's little one getting "road boob" in the carseat at 11:11 on 1-1-11.
At 11:11 in Wisconsin, Amelia and her daddy had just walked upstairs to show Ingrid the toolbox they built! ♥

Nick's son, wearing his baby, in Virginia at 11:11 practicing to be a peaceful parenting pappa

 Jennifer's 3.5 year old, Jasmine, in California at 11:11 was "running around the house with my partially deflated yoga ball, pretending to have a big baby belly like mommy :) (And although you can see a stroller behind her, we actually baby/toddler wear around here. Stroller use is VERY minimal :P)"

 Nina and her little one enjoyed a quiet relaxing day. 
Nina snapped this photo at 11:11am and says she couldn't have asked for a better morning.

 Kai's 13 month old daughter, Millie-Mae, having her "ba" at 11:11 today in the UK

 Djrianna's son, Tristan, at 11:11 on 1-1-11 in Florida

While Trena was taking down the Christmas tree at 11:11, her husband and girls were watching "Charlie Bite Me" on YouTube. 
At 11:11 in Connecticut, Dee was working on the hexes for an afghan that she has vowed to finish before 2011 is over. The photo on the bottom right is what it should look like when complete. 

 Lynn snapped this photo at 11:11 in Pennsylvania as "We were driving to the fabric store...But I'm a goofball :D"

Kat's (almost) 5 month old, Zen, nursing in bed for his "first milkies of the New Year."

Jessica's little one, Rowan, has a first New Years snack in Florida.
Ashley's artsy nursing picture of her 7 week old, Cordelia, on 1-1-11 in North Carolina.

 Natasha's little one, Milk Drunk on 1-1-11

Jessie's daughter, who will turn 2 on Jan 8th, nursed in the New Year in Maryland.

 Charlie has a New Years snack today thanks to his mom, Christine in Florida.

 Christa's "29 weeker, who has been home exactly 2 weeks and 1 day after 74 days in the NICU, nursing peacefully at home right after the NewYear."

 Anneka captured this 1-1-11 photo of her one month old, Alex, today in Northern Ireland.

10 month old Hawk has his 1-1-11 snack.

 Lynne's son, Aiden, nursing happily today a week after his first birthday.

Heather's daughter, Julia, has her first meal of 2011 in Ontario.
Melanie's daughter, Fiona (22 months), nursing in the new year while holding baby sister, Alaina (25 weeks inutero). ♥



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