How the Grinch Stole Breastfeeding

By Chuck Dufano, WIC breastfeeding coordinator with the Johnson County Health Department in Iowa City, Iowa (with thanks to Dr. Seuss).

Above: Emilee S.'s son, Noah, 11 months old, enjoys some Christmas Milk 

Every Who down in Who-ville liked breastfeeding a lot
But the Grinch,
Who lived just north of Who-ville,
Did NOT!

The Grinch hated breastfeeding -- no matter what season,
Now, please don't ask why. No one quite knows the reason.
It could be, he thought, there wasn't enough nourishment.
It could be, perhaps, to see it caused him embarrassment.
But I think that the most likely reason above others
Was he thought the Who-kids would love only their mothers.

And the more the Grinch thought all about breastfeeding
The more the Grinch thought, "I must stop this whole thing!
Why for fifty three years I've put up with it. Now,
I must stop these Who-kids from breastfeeding...but how?"

Then he got an idea.
An awful idea!
The Grinch
Got a wonderful, awful idea!

"I know just what to do!" the Grinch laughed in his throat.
And made a quick Santy Claus hat and a coat.
And he grabbed a big briefcase with great Grinchy pep.
"In this get-up I look like a formula rep!"

All the Whos were dreaming sweet dreams without care
When he came to the first little house on the square.
He climbed down the chimney while the Whos still slept
Then off to the nursery on his belly he crept.

He took all the bra pads and breast shells.
He took all the bags for expressed milk as well.
He took the diaper log and breastfeeding diary.
He took the La Leche League book from the library.

In their place he put powdered Enfamil cans
And Prosobee concentrate for soy-formula fans.
Next to it all with a great heavy lug
He placed a gallon store-bought filtered water jug.

"And NOW," grinned the Grinch, "the last thing to dump
Is the electric double breastfeeding pump!"
And the Grinch grabbed the pump, and he started to shove.
When he heard the small sound like the coo of a dove.
He turned around fast and saw a small Who.
Little Cindy-Lou Who, who was not more than two.

She stared at the Grinch and said "Santy Claus, why,
Why are you taking our breastpump, why?"

But you know, that old Grinch was so smart and so slick
He thought up a lie, and he thought it up quick!
"Why my sweet little tot," the fake Santy Claus lied,
"There's something wrong with the wiring inside.
So I'm taking it home to my workshop, my dear,
I'll fix it up there. Then I'll bring it back here."

But Cindy-Lou Who started to fret.
"Oh, my Daddy's going to be awfully upset!
He feeds baby mommy's milk when she is away,
He does this at least two or three times every day!"

"You mean your Daddy can feed baby breastmilk?"
The Grinch asked Cindy-Lou.
"Oh, yes," she replied,
"And he changes diapers, too!
He gives the baby a bath and they play peek-a-boo.
When mommy's nursing he brings her a cup of water or two!"

Now the Grinch stood puzzling and puzzling 'til his puzzler was sore.
Then the Grinch thought of something he hadn't before.
"Maybe breastfeeding," he thought, shouldn't make me moan.
"Maybe breastfeeding...perhaps...isn't mother's job alone!"

And now that his heart was no longer bitter
He became the official Who-baby sitter.
And to all those who listened to his heeding

He...he HIMSELF!
The Grinch encouraged breastfeeding!

Katie O. tandem nurses her 4-month-old sons. ❤



  1. love it and have already shared it on facebook!

  2. Funny, I thought the Whos were going to discover they could still breastfeed without all those gadgets. Maybe breastfeeding, perhaps, doesn't come from a store!

    Speaking of which, I am so annoyed with our local Target. Their breastfeeding section is labeled "natural feeding" and contains absolutely nothing but breastpumps. Just doesn't seem so splendidly "natural" to me, not to mention it would be hard to find if you're looking for breastfeeding items. I guess they didn't want to have the word "breast" on an aisle sign. (The horror. It's on the bags of chicken all right.)

  3. I was thinking that too Shelly. They were feeding just the same sitting in a circle rocking babies on the boob singing bah boob dor hay.

  4. AS a father of four, all of them breastfed, I am as strong an advocate for it as can be. I do think there is a lot of "mamma envy" invovlved in the anti-breastfeeding movements. I also think there is a little guilt with the older generation mothers that didn't breast feed. Hopefully numbers and attitudes will grow in favor of breastfeeding.

  5. Love it!!!!!! I nursed my first daughter until age 12 months, and I am still currently nursing my second daughter who is 18 months. Very proud mom. :)



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