Jennifer's 9 month old son, Casey, Christmas Eve Morning ~ Nursing and taking a nap 

Throughout the Christmas celebrations occurring around the world, little ones are indulging in one of the very best gifts their mommas can give them - milk! In celebration, many have sent in their photos of babes grabbing a snack on Christmas. Unfortunately, oodles have already been removed due to lactiphobic flaggers from the Christmas (❤) Milk album on Facebook, so we'll treasure them here as well. You all have splendidly beautiful "Santa Babies!"

To add your photo to the collection, email to, upload to the peaceful parenting wall on Facebook, or share to The Breastfeeding Group: with a note that it is for the gallery. [This gallery began in 2008 and is being 'bumped' once each year in December for continued celebration at We welcome your additions.]

Bree's Santa Baby enjoying some of the really good stuff this Christmas! ♥

 Kristin writes, "Merry Christmas to all you breastfeeding mommies across the globe, from my 1 week old son ♥"

Bailey's 3 month old son, Dylan, is having his Christmas Eve Lunch ♥

 Emily's Little Santa, Danika, 17 months this Christmas Day ♥

Chelsea nurses her two-year-old to sleep, Christmas Eve ♥

Amy's 3 month old, Lilah, having her Chanukah Milkies ♥

Natalie's 3 month old son, Jonathan Karol, enjoying his Christmas morning milks. Natalie writes, "This picture is even more precious to me because Jonathan was released from the hospital just 2 days before Christmas. He'd spent several days in the PICU due to sudden bouts of seizures that left him non-responsive. Thanks be to God, after dozens of painful tests and 2 full days of not being allowed to nurse, the cause - a small cyst in his brain - was determined, and we were allowed to return home. Thanks to his anti-seizure meds - and LOTS of mommy's milk - he's back to his smiley, laughing, playful self...the best Christmas gift EVER!" 

Dana's 11.5 month old son, Nicholai Luccas, eating his momma milk on Christmas Eve. 

Annie's 14 month old nurses on Christmas Eve ♥

♥ Niki's BabyClaus #2 who she says is "taking a sip of the pure, and wishing everyone a Silent Night (for those with children over 3 anyway..." ;) 

Emilee's Santa Baby, Noah, 11 months ♥

 Lindsay's 13 month old, Myiah, peacefully nursing amongst the chaos ♥

 Meredith's little one enjoys some Christmas Milk at 19 days old ♥

 A little Christmas snack. Christina's son, almost 5 months old. ♥

Rebekah's 3 day old newborn, Eisley, enjoying her milk as she takes her first bath! ♥

"Opening all those gifts will make anyone sleepy...and a little warm Mommy Milk will make it all better. Zachary's first Christmas! 6 weeks old." 
From his mom, Melody. ♥

Christine's Tiny Santa ♥

Peppermint Breastmilk?!
Kathleen's daughter, Amelia, on Christmas. ♥

Jodi's 7 month old, Olivia, 7 nursing Christmas Morning. ♥

Christmas morning yummies for Rachel's 14.5 month old. ♥

Sharon's milk drunk Christmas boy with his new Sophie Giraffe. 5 weeks old. ♥ 

Alena's daughter has a snack in the car while Christmas shopping ♥

Lynn's son Liam is just one day shy of 11 months old in this Christmas photo. ♥

Niki's "MiniClaus" grabs a bite of something sweet. 

Meredith says, "My husband insisted I upload this one, he says it's better than the other one I uploaded." 
Talbot's 1st Christmas at 19 days old. ♥

Jen's Baby Celso (3.5 months old) and his Christmas snack. ♥

Daria's little one gets the best gift there is! ♥

Has anyone else been attacked under the Christmas tree?! 
Danelle has ~ by a hungry 16 month old! ♥

 Cynthia's son, Ethan, enjoying mama's milk on his first Christmas (3.5 months old) ♥

Margrét's 11 month old, Bríet Alda (11.8kg) enjoying her Christmas Dinner. ♥

"The Bean and I" ~Karla on Christmas morning ♥

 "Babies need milk breaks while opening presents on their first Christmas. 
Mama's milk, the best gift I gave him this year! ♥ Nearly 5 month old Jack" ~Trisha

Jacki's little one takes a Christmas Eve snooze... ♥

Looks like a beautiful Christmas full of love and gentle mothering at Nikki's house. ♥

Moxie wishes all the breastfeeding mamas of the world a Merry Christmas ♥

Georgina's little reindeer grabbing a snack ♥

"My darling daughter Yoshabelle enjoying her Christmas Milk." ~Moxie ♥

"Christmas Milk" from Jessica and her little one ♥

"Taking a break from the morning hustle and bustle to snuggle for some Christmas Milk on Trevor's first Christmas! 
(he's almost 8 months)" ~from his mom, Dorothy

Alex says, "Christmas fun wore us out, but daddy did get us some AWESOME activist apparel!! :)" ♥

 Cheri says, "I started to get a little blue seeing all of the Christmas breastfeeding pics. I SO wish I could include one of my Sam and I...then I realized...heck! I breastfed on Christmas too! It may be through an NG tube into his duodenum but Christmas marked day 150ish of pumping for, here's our pic :) Someday soon I hope to finally try and feed him naturally! For now! Merry Christmas From Sam and me." ♥ Learn more about Sam's story at "Sam I Am"

Alicia's "Christmas Nursling," Tessa, 20 months ♥

Nichole's 13 month old "Christmas Nurser" Maggie ♥

Cathy's son, Jacob (12 months), having his Christmas lunch. ♥

 Nela nurses her 15 month old, Ana, in a busy mall in Hong Kong on the second day of Christmas ♥

 Kristie's 11 month old son getting himself some Christmas Milk ♥

Erin's 14 month old, Marley, playing peek-a-boob in her new Christmas sweater ♥

 Karah's 17 month old, Fiona, getting her "Christmas Eve milkies"

Rochelle's 12 week old, Elliot, enjoying his Christmas morning while his sisters open his gifts and theirs. ♥

 Tricia's 14.5 month old, Aliya, getting a snack after unwrapping her gifts ♥

 Tasha's 11-day-old, Arik, enjoying his Christmas turkey dinner

Lana says, "What I love most about this photo is that I am feeding my son on the couch, with all of the family right there in the same room, amidst all the holiday celebrating ~ the way it should be! Just normal and natural. We shouldn't have to be sequestered in some other room, away from everyone, just because Luke needs to eat. And no, my family is not 'crunchy'!"

 Natalie's "little lush" in her Christmas jammies

 Alisha's little one having some Christmas Milk

Farrah's son, Avery, nursing on Christmas Day   

 Jennifer's son, 1 year old, grabs a Christmas time snack during the birthday party for his older sister

Marissa's little santa eating his milk & cookies

Kira's 12 month old grabs some Christmas morning milk with his buddy, Baba, 
who he has his momma 'nurse' sometimes too.

Petra's 19 month old twin son, Jacob, being comforted during the Christmas Eve dinner. 
Petra did not realize he would later be up ill all night while his brother slept peacefully... ♥

Angela's 8 month old lil Santa, Zachary, enjoys his Christmas Milk. 

Amber and her kiddos made this nursing snow momma and her babe while outside playing today.

 Allie's beautiful two month old son, Wyatt, gets his Christmas Milk

Elysia's son, Jeremiah (2 yrs), has some milk with his cookie! 

Santa Baby gets his milk too! Cartoon by Dan Reynolds

For helpful breastfeeding books, websites and articles see the Breastfeeding Resources Page.



  1. I love this gallery of photos! So beautiful! :) Makes me wish I'd gotten a nursing photo in front of our Christmas tree.

  2. This brings back wonderful memories. I just loved breast feeding my son and I did it for 3 1/2 years. It's something that I think about everyday and I have to admit I do miss it.

  3. My 20 month old calls nursing "nenga" (long story) and when we taught him christmas songs this year he mixed it up a little and came up with "nenga bells" my husband got a huge kick out of it and totally encourages him to sing it that way every time!

  4. This is what more people should give their babies for Christmas......the gift that will last a lifetime!!!!

  5. I had my last baby at 47 with a gap of 22 years, never thought i'd have the magical experience of breastfeeding again. worked out the other day that with 4 kids I had breastfed for a total of 11 years, and each one weaned themselves.

  6. So wonderful it brings back memories for when I had this lovely time with my babies..It's been so long now, and I see a lot of mums bottle feeding their young ones and I feel like telling them they don't know what they are missing!

  7. I always have to chuckle when they fall asleep eating and end up with that smushed face look. It's absolutely adorable. :)

  8. Awww, my son used to nurse with his arm over his face like that. He's 2 and still falls asleep rubbing my shirt hem while lying like that. That's the stuff you hope never ends.

  9. LOL That one photo looks like a serious attack! No escaping!

  10. that is how my daughter khloe is! we only have a 32 inch tree but this is so cute! love it (:

  11. LOVE the milk drunk look. LOL

  12. Awww don't you love it when they grab the shirt like that? Amelia since she was born BF so much better when she was holding my hand.

  13. so how's "Sam I Am" doing now?

  14. Sam is doing very VERY well...every time the doctors treat him the way WE want him treated they have this whole "OMG" process of "WOW" when he does better than they thought he would...He is free of IV's, no ventilator and he's just pure joy to be with :) home is on the horizon! I can feel it!

  15. Cheri - I'm glad you posted this.. I always think how sad I am that I didn't get to breastfeed my daughter ..but then I remember I pumped for 4 months :)

  16. Gorgeous photos!!

  17. These just brought me to tears, it so beautiful and I am so thankful breastfed and am still nursing my toddler who will be 3 in Feb 2012!

  18. love this gallery of photos! So beautiful! :)



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