North Dakota Foreskin Friendly Physicians

There are currently no known physicians who run a foreskin friendly practice in North Dakota. To have your physician or health care provider added to this list if s/he is intact knowledgable and does *not* attempt to retract or encourage parents to retract their baby boys and children, email or leave a comment at the end of this page. Feedback and reviews of physicians in-state are also welcome in the comments section. View a full description of physicians across the nation here: Foreskin Friendly Physicians.


  1. Dr. Prescott
    at the Sanford Clinic
    2615 Fairway St.
    Dickinson, ND. 58601

    Dr. Prescott does not perform circumcisions & knows proper intact care. She is an amazing pediatrician and IBCLC.

  2. She no longer works at Sandford Clinic. Just called there today. :(



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