Peaceful Parenting Discussion Group

If you are a Peaceful Parenting mom, dad, grandparent, or supporter of gentle mother/baby-friendly living, you are welcome to join the private Peaceful Parenting Discussion Group on Facebook:

There are two ways to join.

The first is to become a Peaceful Parenting Supporting Member and help in the life-changing work we take on for so many mothers, babies, children, and families each month. We cannot meet these needs without YOUR help, so thank you! For your gift of $1/month, you will be eligible for fun give-aways that take place in the group. Details can be found here: [Note: if you are already a Saving Our Sons sponsor, you are also welcome to join and eligible for the give-aways.]

The second option for joining is to email with your affirmations of agreement to the following foundations of Peaceful Parenting. This discussion group is not meant to be a debate forum, but a safe space for families who already have the desire and goals to parent gently, and raise holistic, happy, healthy children in a peace-filled world.

Foundations of peaceful parenting include such things as a belief in and action toward: 

-women's informed and supported choices in birth (with the recognition that birth does matter - both for babies and for mothers; 'birth rape' is real; and each woman's experience of HER birth matters and will vary from one woman to the next)

-genital autonomy for all

-human milk for human babies whenever possible (including milksharing, pumping, wet nursing, etc.)

-natural weaning when possible (i.e. not early forced weaning)

-responsive, night time parenting (no cry-it-out, 'sleep training,' neglecting baby/child needs, etc.)

-babywearing possibilities to enhance the lives of our little ones when useful for a care-provider and child (with the recognition that babies typically thrive when they spend the majority of their time next to mom, and/or another loving caregiver).

-fully informed decisions when it comes to vaccines and immunity building (Note: there will likely be parents who fully vaccinate, selectively vaccinate, and those whose children build natural immunity without vaccines. This group will be a place where we can be informative on all aspects of disease prevention, immunity building and supporting, vaccine options, etc. and will likely lean toward a natural immune building perspective, but remain gentle and respectful of different choices in this area.)

-gentle discipline (i.e. no hitting, manipulation, coercion, neglect, abuse, etc.)

-openness to our children growing and becoming who they are as unique and beautiful individuals

-schooling options that are varied (there will be homeschooling families, unschooling families, those who attend local Montessori and Waldorf classrooms, as well as public schooling families - not one option fits all and there are peaceful parenting families in each).

-respect for others' beliefs of faith (as well as political leanings) that may differ from your own. There are peaceful parenting families from all backgrounds of nationality, religion, socioeconomic status, and political standing. If something is not of interest to you, skip it.

-respect for the world we live in and life around us (being conscious consumers and stewards of our earth and resources)

If you are in agreement with all of the above points, send an email of request to and include your name as it appears on Facebook. Join the group at: and when your email is received, you will be added.

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