Kentucky Foreskin Friendly Physicians

Harinder Grewal
330 Loretto Rd 3700
Lebanon, KY

Dan Bodeau
307 East Broadway St
Campbellsville, KY

Dr. James C. Mack II, MD
Mack and Poole Pediatrics
2351 Huguenard Dr, Suite 200
Lexington, KY 40503
859-260-7700 phone
859-260-7797 fax

Dr. Melissa Pope, MD
Pediatric Associates of Louisville
5721 Bardstown Rd
Louisville, KY 502-231-1144

Dr. Laura White, MD
140 Stonecrest Rd # 101
Shelbyville, KY 40065

To have your physician or health care provider added to this list if s/he is intact knowledgable and does *not* attempt to retract or encourage parents to retract their baby boys and children, email or leave a comment at the end of this page. Feedback and reviews of physicians in-state are also welcome in the comments section. View a full description of physicians across the nation here: Foreskin Friendly Physicians.


  1. I have been taking my intact son to Dr. Joseph Meiners at Kosair Children's Hospital Medical Associates since he was a few weeks old. He has never once tried to retract him. Another plus is that he is both breastfeeding and cloth diaper friendly! I highly recommend him :).

  2. Mary Kathryn DeLodderAugust 04, 2015 6:20 PM

    Unfortunately many people have had bad experiences at Kosair Childrens. Both the main hospital as well as Brownsboro.

  3. I would like to let people know that Dr. Mack did try to retract my son "just a little bit" without my consent when he was 6 months old. I would suggest Dr. Claire Palley for infants/children in Lexington KY. She has never tried to retract or even touch my son's penis. I'm sorry to say that I would not trust Dr. Mack for intact care. (He always said to just leave the foreskin alone, so it took me by surprise the day he tried to retract it to see the urethral opening I guess). Thankfully it didn't hurt my son.

  4. I would not trust Dr. Mack or his office with an intact baby! They retracted our newborn's foreskin for a catheterization and then told me they did so, like it was nothing. Dr. Palley apologized for the poor care/experience and was wonderful. Dr. Mack (at least his support staff) is NOT knowledgeable regarding intact care.

  5. Dr Fraser in Bowling Green, KY is very knowledgeable of care for intact boys and has never once tried to retract my son's foreskin. Wish I could say the same of his former pediatrician!

  6. Dr. Janine Lippert at Pediatric Care of Lexington on Regency Rd (Lexington KY) was horrified when I told her that some doctors advocate retraction and forcibly retract children themselves. She's very intact friendly and in the 2 1/2 years we've been seeing her she's never tried to retract my son. She's also vaccine choice friendly.

  7. Please get Dr. Mack off this intact-friendly list! His support staff is NOT intact friendly and I have to assume he is not either, as any knowledgeable practitioner or parent would educate everyone who comes in contact with an intact patient!

  8. I’d like to add that Dr. Schaffer (the peds urologist) also retracts foreskin “just to see how far it will go because they should be doing it themselves” on 4 and 6 year old boys, despite clear directions from the parent NOT to do so.

    1. That is a shame. I was told by a friend who saw Dr. Schaeffer that he discourages circumcision. He may be the best option for a pediatric urologist in KY. Wish he didn't encourage retraction. :(



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