Father/Son Matching Penises: Stop the Insanity!

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While Penn and I may not share the same use of the English language (he can get away with swearing after all; I would be quickly removed from my professional career), we do share similar views on the importance of the prepuce organ and granting all human beings their genital integrity and basic human rights. In other words: Leave the babies' penises alone!

In this latest "Penn Says" video he discusses the purely absurd 'argument' that a baby boy must have his foreskin amputated so that his pecker matches his circumcised father's. It is difficult for me to decide which of the pro-cutting arguments is the most radically insane, but this one certainly comes near the top of the list.

Since when do infant penises in any way resemble an adult man's penis?! And post-puberty, how often do adult sons and their fathers sit around and compare penises?! If they do, they have a MUCH bigger issue that they need to deal with...

Think about it -- how often do girls and their mothers compare breasts? Labia? Clitoris size/shape?! About as often as fathers and sons compare penises. This is I-N-S-A-N-E.

And, if for some reason you find that you must explain to your son why he is intact (and therefor bigger/longer) than his non-consenting-chopped-penis-father, you can use the great line that my long time friend and mentor, Dr. Joel Wells, shared with me: "This is what they did to me [cut off 1/3 of my penis when I was a baby and could not defend myself]! Aren't you glad we did not do that to you?"

I guarantee you every single intact son will thank you for leaving his most sensitive member alone!

Another idea a colleague recently mentioned -- if a father must make attempts to have his penis match his infant son's in order to feel better about his own penis, how about restoration?

[Attention: Adult Language]

On Matching Penises:

Penn & Teller Bullsh*t Documentary on Circumcision:
UPDATE: If video not playing, watch here: https://www.bitchute.com/video/9XgdXGUaGy5H/

Penn Says: We're Still Right:

Real Men Don't Cut Babies Shirt from Made By Momma

At no time ever does the penis of a small child 'match' the penis of his father.

Put down the knife. Step away from the baby. And do no harm.


  1. Looooooooooooooooooooooove it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I'm cut, my dad is intact, and I didn't know until I was 40 even though we were nude around the house plenty when I was a kid.

  3. LMAO- AND good points!!!!!

  4. Thanks for the info Ron. I don't understand why people think that, as Penn put it, fathers and sons have "Co*k matching demonstrations" LOL

  5. My husband had this concern, likely because he was one of the boys made to match his daddy. Thankfully, I didn't buy the hype and delved into researching more reasons to share with my husband WHY this was a bad idea, and our 2 year old son is intact. Yay! Maybe it was easier for me because in my experience, intact penises ARE the norm (duh, they are natural!) but it still perplexes me how this act is justified. Crazy!

  6. I think I saw my dad's penis once and I don`t remember whether it was cut or not. That how much the incident affected me. Cutting your son to be "just like dad" is up there with women who justify circumcision for aesthetic reasons. Pretty shallow.

  7. I just loved this article! Thanks for posting it!

  8. My pirate father and son image is available on products here.

  9. My father was cut and I am intact. I encountered this fact every time we used a changing room for a summer swim. He never said anything because sex and medicine were not among his virtues. I was much too prudish and respectful to raise the subject. He had wanted me cut at birth, but my mother threatened to divorce him if I was cut without her consent.

    All of the self-consciousness walls I climbed as a kid were the result of fearing bullying by other kids, who in my place and time were 97% cut. At home and among relatives, no one ever put me on the spot because I had foreskin.

    Parents claim they worry about the emotional health of an intact son seeing his cut father. BS, as P&T say. The real issue is fathers who cannot deal with lacking intensely sexual bits an intact son has and will eventually enjoy. Foreskin motion is the very essence of masturbation. The foreskin is also very much in contact with the vaginal wall during intercourse.

    Father of America, let the Dog in the Manger go!

  10. This is one of the weirdest excuses I have ever heard! It makes the person sound like a pedophile.

    My dad is cut and all 6 of my brothers are intact. It was NEVER an issue.

    I often hear parents say they will make him look like daddy for HIS benefit...well I gather it is for DADDY's fragile self-image, not for the boy's. Daddy doesn't want to see what he is missing. Rather than accept the reality of what was done to him, forgive, heal and move on, he wants to make the rest of the world cover it up. This means his son will be victimized to preserve his psychological bubble.

    Men, grow up and be fathers!

  11. The issue that the child must "match" his dad is indeed one pushed by the dominant patriarchy,and since the interest in the "matching" never came from the child,it will be interesting to recap that all along History those interested in making others "match" were not doing it because they were asked by their sons,indeed,as they did it also to slaves,prisoners and even dead enemies.Whether they converted or not to their religion and its weird commandment.
    If those others were not sons or of the same religion to be bound to the same "honor",is easy to see then why the insistence to remove the offensive object from the eyes of a harmed psyche.

  12. When my grandfather moved into my parents' house for care in his final months (had been living independently until then), THAT was when my nearly 60yo father found out that his 94yo father was not circumcised. In ninety-four years, he never knew they didn't "match."

  13. omg, that was fuc*ing hilarious xD
    And so true!
    I'm pleased to see that some cut men in USA don't buy all the rationalization BS around circumcision!
    Thumbs up for Penn!

  14. This is great! Father and son matching is the second dumbest excuse I've ever heard for cutting babies. (The dumbest is "his future wife will thank me." Gag me. What woman would thank a person for hacking off a piece of her husband's penis??) Anyhow, I actually asked my husband about this once. He and our son are both intact, and honestly, it doesn't even make the top 10 in ways that occur to me when I think of how they're alike, but I wanted his opinion on it. He told me it doesn't matter AT ALL if father matches son, and in fact, he doesn't even KNOW if his dad was intact or not!! He figures he probably was just because really nobody in that family circ's, but he doesn't actually know for sure. That alone proves how big a deal this ISN'T.

  15. The Penn and Teller video was FANTASTIC! I am going to show my husband. We didn't circ our two little boys on the simple basis that we couldn't bear to take something from them without their consent or a really good reason (looking like Daddy didn't cut it, excuse the pun). I had started to worry recently and then I came across your site and we are so relieved that we followed our parental instinct!!!

  16. My father is cut, my brothers are not, my husband is not, my potential/future son(s) will not be cut.

  17. how many fathers are that insecure that they need to cut their sons penis so that he lacks like his father?

    how many adult sons sit around having 'matching penis' contests with their fathers?

    how many adult men have penises that look like a newborn baby?

    and no two circumcision wounds are the same... how much is cut off is entirely at the discretion of the cutter - so one cut penis will not resemble another (even if they are of the same blood line).

  18. Thankfully I live in UK where circumcision is not the norm. My hubby was cut for his parents religious reasons, my 3 boys are not. Luckily my husband saw my side. I wouldn't circ. my daughter so why my sons? It's barbaric.

  19. My sons father tried this one with me... NO, stupidest reason there is!

  20. My oldest son was 5 before he noticed the difference between his (intact) penis and dad's. He told me when he got older, his penis would "shed its skin, like a snake, the way dad's did." I explained that wouldn't happen - that the extra skin on dad's penis had been cut off when he was a baby. I will never forget the look on my son's face - somewhere between horror and disbelief. If only adults could have the same sense of wrong.

    1. yes I believe it is a crime what adults were lead to believe about uncircumcized penis. It is done for hygenic reasons -bull crap it is up to the parents of the child to teach him the proper hygenic care. If God did not intent for it to be there why did he put it there? Leave what God has given us alone

  21. My 3 year old has never once noticed that his daddy is cut. He had said "daddy's penis needs a hair cut". What he has asked us is why a friend's son has "has a owie on his penis." He thanked us and couldn't understand why his friend's mommy and daddy let someone hurt him. I pray he never has to understand that.

  22. Good example, my father had two of his fingers cut of with an electric sawing machine long before I was born. I didn't get my twofingers cut of to match his. My nose is also longer than his. That didn't get cut short either. If body parts that everyone sees and notices don't need to match, then why do genitals, which are seldom exposed need to match? Generals of children don't match adults anyway, whether circumcised or intact. Yes, I'm intact. I was born in a country that doesn't routinely circumcise babies. I have never heard of or experienced a foreskin getting sick. Foreskins are healthy, self-cleaning and natural. Leave them alone. Don't cut them and don't even force them to retract.



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