Blissful HBAC of Evangelina Antoinette

It is always a joy to celebrate with mothers who write to tell me their birth stories, and share photos or videos from their birthing day. I am blessed to be able to revel in the deliciousness that is physiological birth with women from around the world. This is one event that truly unifies us -- women's bodies and their babies, when left alone to do their thing, collectively working together, for all of human history, and all across the globe, have birthed in the same manner then and there as they do here and now.

I was delighted to receive Antonette's letter and attached video from her HBAC (home birth after cesarean) just a few days ago. She is such an awe-inspiring birth goddess in all her glory, and we are blessed to share in her birth story. Antonette emphasizes, "It was such an amazing and empowering experience and I want women to know 'you CAN do it!' ...and also show how peaceful and special [VBAC birth] at home was for me and my family." Having experienced a (very unwanted, very traumatic) c-section birth with my last baby, I am especially drawn to the power of VBAC and the healing that comes to women through this particular birth experience. It is an honor to share a glimpse of Antonette's birthing day with you. Welcome earthside beautiful Evangelina Antoinette!

Photos and slideshow created by Antonette's birth photographer, Christine Lillard, at Eyes of a Child Photography. Lillard serves families in the Maryland and DC metro areas. You can read more from Antonette at Evangelina Antoinette.

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  1. BEAUTIFUL! Thank you for sharing. I hope to have an HBAC experience like this someday. Gorgeous photos! Congrats on your new family member.

  2. This makes my heart soar. I've had 2 unnecessary c-sections and I fully plan on having an HBA2C if I have another child. Stories like this are exactly what mothers like me need to hear to help give us the confidence that this is possible!

  3. Still wiping the tears...thank you for sharing. It's just beautiful

  4. So sad that the video was removed by YouTube. My wife and I have 5 kids 2 of which were born in the Naval Hospital Camp Pendleton California, the other 3 were born into my Loving hands at home doing a Water Birth, The first home birth we had a midwife there in attendance the other two our midwife was late to so it was just me and my Wife and our other children my oldest son even cut the cord. We are currently trying for another baby now that my wife Diana has fully recovered from miscarrying triplets back in April sadly the miscarriage acured on her Birthday which was very heartbreaking for the two of us, however it has not deterred us from trying again God willing we will have a healthy pregnancy and another beautiful home birth. For those of you that live in the Southern California area and wish to have a home birth our midwifes name is Brenda Capps she lives in Bakersfield and services the entire southern California area.



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