Urgent Need: Lact-aid System Parts

We received an urgent letter of need from a peaceful parenting mother, Heather, in the UK tonight. She has a five month old baby boy who is successfully breastfeeding (after many struggles) with the help of a Lact-aid nursing trainer system. Without funds to spare, Heather spent a small fortune to buy the complete nursing system, pay U.S. tax, and have it shipped to the UK (where it is not otherwise available) so that her baby would be able to get the human milk he needs and have the vital breastfeeding relationship he'd otherwise be without. But today she needs our help. Heather writes, "I was boiling [the system parts] to clean them and lost track of time and the pan boiled dry and all 2 out of 3 of the Lact-aids are melted beyond use. I'm devastated right now and terrified my stupid forgetfulness is going to mean the end of a nursing relationship we've fought so hard for. I wondered whether you know any ex-lact aid users who might have some left they'd be willing to send to the UK with urgency (they aren't available here). I really can't afford the cost of brand new ones again."

Here is our request to you:

If you are an ex-Lact-aid user and have quality parts remaining that you can ship (International Express) to Heather right away, please drop us an email at: peacefulparents@gmail.com and we will connect you up with her. Note that the Lact-aid is not the same as the Medela SNS. (Thank you to those who have written with the offer for a Medela. We appreciate it - the Lact-aid is simply more streamline and easy to use even while night-nursing or breastfeeding out in public).

If we do not hear from anyone by the end of the business day (Tuesday, Oct 19), because this little baby's nursing relationship is dependent on the Lact-aid system and the urgency of replacement, we will take up a donation collection to replace the parts and have them internationally express shipped to Heather on Wednesday morning.

Please consider helping in either manner if you are able - and thank you for caring about the wellbeing of another little baby!

*Will update this post as we hear from people or receive donations to cover the cost of the Lact-aid system and international shipping to Heather and her baby.

[If there are donations that go beyond the amount needed, we will email all donors to ask permission to give the rest to this sweet mother who lost her beautiful, nursing 2 year old daughter a couple weeks ago when she was hit by a car while they crossed the street holding hands. She is another mother in true need to help pay for the heavy costs associated with her little girl's memorial. We would really like to help her as well.]

Heather and her Beautiful Baby Boy

UPDATE: Thank you so very much to the following 19 generous people who chipped in so that we are able to purchase and international express ship Lact-aid system trainer units to Heather to replace those that were damaged: 


We could not have done this without you, so on behalf of Heather and her nursing baby, THANK YOU!

Until the Lact-aid arrives, Heather and her son are using an old Medela SNS to nurse. She will also be looking into a suggestion offered by another peaceful parenting reader on making a homemade version of a lactation system that is detailed by Dr. Jack Newman here. Heather writes,
Thank you so much for helping, it has me in tears of happiness! It means so much that you're taking our nursing relationship seriously. I know to a lot of people the answer would be "just give him a bottle" but I just cannot do it. I love him too much and I love our bond too much. I love being the only one who nurses him and the one he needs and wants... even if I can't provide all the milk myself. (Not to mention when he was offered a bottle almost 2 months ago he refused it and was quite upset and confused by it). It's a real boost to know there are people out there who believe in what I'm doing and support it. Thank you for that.


  1. Oh man, this just tugs at my heart... I, too, had nursing struggles, but wasn't able to use those kind of systems. If I could send money right now I would. (We are broke and between pay checks at the moment) BUT, I will pray. Hopefully she is able to get it replaced but if she isn't and still needs donations by the end of the week, I will put in what I can to the fund.

  2. My sister almost started a fire sterilizing bottles, etc. on the stove by forgetting about them a bit too long. Stove top sterilizing can be so dangerous for an exhausted mama. I bought an electric steam sterilizer for disinfecting my pump, toys, teethers, etc. I highly recommend one for anyone who needs to sterilize things regularly. It runs a 10-15 minute cycle and turns itself off when done. I see them often on consignment for < $10. Just a thought for others to prevent another disaster I see too often.

  3. Yay! I am so happy about this. I am so happy that a mother is taking her nursing relationship so seriously. Yay for the baby too who gets the benefit of sucking on a real nipple that helps his soft palette, and jaw form correctly, and a well formed mouth and face will give a lifetime of beauty, dental health, etc. Way to go mom! Artificial nipples don't do that, baby's need far let suction to extract milk from an artificial nipple and that causes the head, jaw, face to form differently than it should.

  4. I am seeing this too late to do anything, but wanted to say that I am happy that so many people were willing to help, that things worked out and that Heather and her beautiful son are doing well! I have used the Lact-Aid in breastfeeding my six adopted children. I didn't use medications, or pump in advance. I just started feeding at the breast on demand, using the Lact-Aid. I always had to supplement with some kind of formula (or donated breast milk, when I could get it), but was able to produce up to 12-16 ounces of milk per day. Their health was much more like totally breastfed babies than totally bottle fed babies, and worth every bit of effort it took! I also used the Medela SNS, but the Lact-Aid is much easier to use, so I encourage anyone who is in a situation where they need to supplement at the breast to get the Lact-Aid.

    Darillyn Starr

  5. I successfully breastfeeding my daughter at 7weeks I did tongue tie fixed and ever since then I was struggles) can't effort to  buy new one..I live in uk  (where it is not available)  my baby really wants my milk and my supply is low now for her and she doesn't like bottle at all I give her in a cup but she gets angry because of been too much hungry . Please if anyone has one please send to me. To continue  nursing relationship we've fought so hard I can't see her like this . I wondered whether you know any ex-lact aid nursing trainer system users who might have one willing to send to the UK with urgency .. I really can't afford the cost of brand new one..many thanks your help is appreciated. .



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