Bumper Stickers: We Need Your Vote!

After many, many, many repeated requests for bumper stickers to share some of the gentle parenting love and information we gather at this site, our Aussie logo designer has come up with three simple versions that will be available in a variety of colors for your choosing.

However, we need your input. Which of the three text styles do you like the best for a bumper sticker?
Please cast your vote in the polling box in the upper left corner of the DrMomma page. Voting will be open for the next 48 hours and then bumper stickers will be printed and available shortly. If you'd like to see a bumper sticker in any particular shade/color, drop it below in the comments.

"Wide Style"

"Medium Style"

"Tall Style" 



  1. I like them all! But in order of best to worst I guess:
    1. Tall style
    2. Wide style
    3. Medium style

  2. I think clear window stickers in white would be good too.... my hubby won't let me put actual bumper stickers on the car, but has no problem with window ones. ;-)

  3. Tall looks best to these Mama eyes.

  4. I think Medium Style looks the most professional/clean... which I tend to prefer even with baby/kid-themed items.

    And I agree with Nakai that window decals would be great.

  5. Tall style, definitely, followed by Medium

  6. virginia maddockOctober 25, 2010 6:37 AM

    i like wide style,. and love the colours. kinda 70s like...

  7. I vote for Tall style too. It's easiest on the eyes, to read and hopefully remember. From a distance, drivers would be most likely be able to read the Tall style of this bumper sticker.

  8. The tall style would be the easiest for drivers to read. It's a clear font and large enough to read at some distance - remembering that drivers often have only a moment's glance to read a bumper sticker.

    The medium style is also clear to read, but because of the smaller size, it would only be clear at a closer range.

    The wide font may be cute, but not clear to read at a distance.

  9. Tall Style. Cleaner look and easier to read from afar.

  10. **WIDE** It has the most style - it pops. So that one, for marketing purposes, is the best. It is also easy to read. The others are not eye-catching enough; too plain.

  11. Tall Style. More professional than the wide, more easily readable than the medium.

  12. Tall for sure. It is easy to read and looks in proportion. Wide leaves to much negative space for my taste. I also agree with the clear sticker idea.

  13. ArizonaIntactivistOctober 27, 2010 1:48 AM

    The option of a black & white bumper sticker would be nice too! Ü



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