International Babywearing Awards Call for Nominations

It's time for the
International Babywearing Week Awards 2010!

Nominations are being accepted from Babywearing International for the following awards. To nominate a non-profit organization, group or person for an award send an email to containing:
  • your name
  • the name of the person/group you are nominating
  • contact information for that person/group if known
  • the award for which you are nominating them
  • a detailed explanation of why the award is deserved

Awards Available:

1) Best IBW10 Publicity Campaign
Sponsored by Moby Wrap
$250 worth of merchandise donated to the winning organization.
This award recognizes outstanding publicity for International Babywearing Week 2010.

2) The Jennifer Rosenberg Babywearing Advocate of the Year Award
$100 of subscription upgrades at The and $50 in merchandise from the BWI Cafepress Store
Jennifer Rosenberg Babywearing Advocate of the Year Award is named in honor of leading babywearing advocate Jennifer Rosenberg, or “Jenrose.” This award recognizes outstanding babywearing advocacy in the year immediately preceding International Babywearing Week.

3) The Vijay Owens Babywearing Advocacy Award for Lifetime Achievement in Promoting Babywearing
$100 of subscription upgrades at The and $50 in merchandise from the BWI Cafepress Store
The Vijay Owens Babywearing Advocacy Award is named in honor of leading babywearing advocate Vijay Owens; it recognizes lifetime achievement in babywearing advocacy.

4) Best Babywearing Outreach Program to Women in Need
Sponsored by Babywearing Videos
$100 worth of merchandise donated to the winner.

5) Best Babywearing Outreach Event by a Non-Vendor (nonprofit organization or individual)
Sponsored by
Sleeping Baby Productions

$100 worth of merchandise donated to the winner

6) Best Babywearing Advocate in the Healing Professions
Sponsored by

$100 worth of merchandise donated to the winner

We love babywearing here at peaceful parenting and work to equip all mothers in need with safe wraps, slings or carriers to wear their little ones. If you would like to help us in these efforts, we can always use donations (both in quality used wraps/slings and funding). Thank you for all you do to provide information on the benefits of babywearing, and to empower mothers to tune into their primal instincts to nurture and care for their little ones.

Babywearing does so much good for our little ones, and for us as parents as well!

Slinging Your Baby:

* Increases neurological development and brain activity
* Increases calm alertness
* Increases oxygen flow
* Increases the flow of oxytocin and other 'feel good/love' hormones (for both Dad/Mom and baby)
* Improves sleep at night and naptimes
* Improves and regulates cardiovascular health
* Improves and regulates respiratory health
* Improves breastfeeding (and Mom's milk supply when she babywears)
* Improves gross and fine motor development, strength and ability
* Regulates body temperature especially in small babies (when baby has a fever, babywearing skin-to-skin with Mom/Dad will lower baby's temp; if baby is too cold, skin-to-skin will raise baby's temp)
* Decreases fussiness, colic and gastrointestinal problems
* Decreases cortisol and other stress hormones (for both Mom/Dad and baby!)
* Decreases blood pressure and hypertension (for both Mom/Dad and baby!)
* Develops healthy, secure attachment (for both Mom/Dad and baby)
* Decreases physiological development issues (such as Plagiocephaly, Tortocollis, and 'flat head' that we see so often in what the AAP termed 'Bucket Babies' - those left in carseats/strollers)

We invite you to see any of the following resources for more babywearing information:

Babywearing: Safe Positioning

Real Men Wear Babies [Peaceful Parenting Photo Gallery!]

Babywearing International Homepage

Babywearing International Resources for Professionals

American Academy of Pediatrics on "Bucket Babies" and SIDS

AAP: Car Seats Lower Oxygen Levels for Babies (does not occur with slinging babies)

Babies Breathe Better During Sleep When Rocked [or worn!]

Babywearing (2005) by Maria Blois {Book}

A Ride on Mother's Back: Babywearing Around the World {Kid's Book}

Beloved Burden: Baby Carriers in Different Countries (2009) by Itie van Hout {Book}

The Mamaponcho - great for cold weather babywearing! Talented mothers - Knit Your Own 'mamaponcho'!

Peekaroo Baby Fleece - another cold weather babywearing item

Babywearing Coat Alterations Instructions


Babywearing Forum

Annual Babywearing Conference

Babywearing Safety [on Facebook]

Dr. Sears on Babywearing

Back Wrap Cross Carry with 43lb Preschooler (Demonstration)

Hawaii Mother and Creator of ERGO Baby Carrier Sells Company for $91 Million

Car Seats Are For Cars: Babies are Born to Be Worn

Attachment Parenting International on Babywearing

La Leche League International on Babywearing

Positional Plagiocephaly & Tortocollis (does not occur with slinging babies)


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  1. Thanks so much for sharing babywearing resources! There's a lot of misinformation (and shoddy carriers) out there, and you really helped me sort through it all.

    If anyone is looking for an ERGO carrier, there's a giveaway here:



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