Our Mosaic: 16 Months of Breastfeeding

© 2009 Danelle Frisbie

In honor of 16 months, 4 days (and counting) of breastfeeding.

This is our collage made up of 357 different photos (some repeated for the 33x33 design) of my son nursing, or in his lactivist gear (+ a few milk shots). It is an art piece I've wished to create for a long time now, and I finally finished it today. :)

You can read about our initial struggle and challenges with breastfeeding here. I must say, as tear-filled as those first few days were, the story is sure to have a happy 'ending'.


Update: Our son went on to nurse for a total 4.7 years. The natural weaning process was a beautiful one, and I am so very thankful that every perfect thing unfolded in its own good time. Post-weaning I chose to start a new baby-growing adventure... and we will soon be welcoming Baby 2 into our lives. My son says he hopes 'his baby also gets 4 1/2 years of mommy milk...'  It is something I know he will cherish forever, and a start in life that will positively impact the rest of his days on earth.



  1. that is beautiful! I love it. My son & I made it 18 months - I was about 3 months pregnant & had to cut him off d/t it hurting me too much. it was a bad ending & I am sad. I hope #2 will nurse as long as my first!

  2. omg I just noticed this profile pic on the Facebook page for world breastfeeding week and what it is made up of!! GORGEOUS!!!!



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