Nursing a Costco Receipt

This is the best thing I've read all day...

Brought a big smile to my own face. :)

If you aren't familiar with Costco stores -- they regularly check your receipt as you leave the front doors and will frequently draw a little smiley faces on them (instead of just the usual 'this one's okay' mark of approval). Or, the smiley faces could instead take the forms of a princess...a butterfly...a dancing robot... You get the picture.

Well, Thingamababy wrote (way back in Jan 2007 but I just found it today) that his 2 1/2 year old daughter at the time would often take her smiley face Costco receipt as they left the store and hold it up to her chest.

What was she doing? Her father inquired.

"Giving my smiley face momma milk!"

Of course!!

Toddlers emulate what they watch their parents (or media!) doing. And while we have witnessed that almost anything can be fashioned into a weapon by those who (on average) watch far too many violent murderous scenes in their first years of life... who knew that a Costco receipt would be made into a tenderly nursed babe!? Love it!


  1. That is sweet. My 2-year-old has often carried her baby doll in a sling (she found a clean item of laundry to use as a sling - you guess which item). She also lifts her shirt for her baby to eat. I recently started pumping for another mama's baby and around the same time my youngest daughter started nebulizer treatments. So the 2-year-old found the nebulizer attachment and put it down her shirt (like a breast pump). They are so good at emulating what they see.

  2. My 28 month old daughter tells me every day she can't wait to be a grown up so she can PUMP for her babies. She sees me pump several times a day for her 14 week old baby sister who is unable to nurse.

    It is cute and sweet and yet strangely sad all at the same time. KWIM?

  3. How sweet! My 3 year old son wears his baby doll in a Mei Tai and nurses him regularly. I've had to nurse all his stuffed loveys before bed more than once too lol

  4. I've been following Thingamababy for years, and I've never forgotten that post... LOVE it :)

  5. While I think this is sweet, children should not be handling thermal paper (that shiny carbonless receipt paper), because it is laden with Bisphenol-A, and skin contact with it is likened to wearing an estrogen patch. I wish more parents knew this. The Environmental Working Group recommends eliminating the handling of these receipts by children and being sure to wash our hands after handling them, especially before feeding our children.

  6. We have struggled with breastfeeding from the very beginning. Everyday is a challenge. But we have worked through bout after bout of thrush, poor latch, low supply, etc and it's stories like these that keep me going. Because I would dream while pregnant as I continue to dream of my little man growing up having this close nursing relationship with me. This is sweet, and coming at a time when I needed a reminder why I keep pushing forward (milk supply took a dip this week.. oi..).



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