11 Rainy Day Activities for the Kids

Along with the rain coming down outside your heart might be sinking wondering what new activity you can dream up to do with your children. Luckily, this list contains 11 fun-filled activities that can be done rain or shine and will keep the whole house happy!

1. Have an Arts and Craft Day

Every kid loves an arts and crafts day, and it can keep them entertained for hours at a time. Some fun ideas that you could try are making a cardboard town, rock painting, making pictures with pasta and finger painting. Once you've decided what you’re going to do for the day head out to the store and pick up some supplies. Most of what you need will be fairly cheap and easy to find.

2. Create a Pillow Fort

This is a super fun activity that you can do on a rainy day that costs nothing at all! Raid the cupboards and find all the sheets and pillows you can in your house. Take them into your living room with a bunch of clothes pegs and some twine and create the most elaborate pillow fort you can. You can even set a little competition among your kids to see who can build the best fort. It will also give them somewhere to hide away for the rest of the day to read or play games.

3. Seek Out an Indoor Playground

There are loads of indoor playgrounds that you can go to in towns and cities, and they are the perfect way to spend a fun day when you can't get to an outdoor playground. An indoor playground is just as fun if not better and has many different obstacles such as trampolines, climbing courses, rope swings, and indoor slides. Most of these indoor play areas will have an adult area too where you can grab some food and a coffee which your little ones tire themselves out.

4. Teach Your Children to Swim

Taking a trip to your local swimming baths can be fun for the whole family and it’s a cheap way to spend a rainy day. Some pools might even put on special children's days where there are inflatable toys put in the pool for them to play with. If your children aren’t that confident in the water, it could be a good opportunity to give them a swimming lesson or book them in to have a swimming lesson with a coach at the pool.

5. Re-Decorate Your Childs Room

This one may take a bit more planning and isn’t something you can just do on an impromptu basis but it can be great fun if you’re prepared. If there is painting to be done then that may be best left to the adult but if you are picking out new furniture like curtains or a bed then it’s a great opportunity to head out to a store and let them pick what they want in their new room.

6. Create a Home Movie

Have you thought about tapping into your kids' creativity and getting them to star in their own home movie? Going through the whole process of writing a short script, choosing parts and choosing costumes is all part of the fun. You could even go as far as painting some cardboard to create different scenes. After that you can start filming. All you need is a cell phone or a camcorder and you will be creating your very own masterpiece. Then, at the end of the day you can all sit down with popcorn and attend your very own home movie premier.

7. Go and See a Movie

If you’re not finding the inspiration to write and film a shirt home move yourself then that’s okay because someone has already done it. There’s nothing quite like heading out to the movie theater to see the latest release. Soda, popcorn and sweets all add to the experience and it’s a great way to treat those well-behaved children!

8. Visit an Aquarium

If you head to one of the bigger aquariums then it could take you the whole day to go around so checking the size of the aquarium beforehand is important if you're on a timescale. Kids love aquariums and getting to see big and little fish up close and personal is really quite exciting. As well as fish they might also have reptiles and birds like penguins as well as furry little creatures like otters.

9. Play Some Board Games

Usually the instant reaction when suggesting board games is that they are boring but there are so many games out there that you are likely to find one that will keep them interested. Games like Operation are great because they are really simple but have different elements and noises. More recently there are board games that have come out that make use of an iPhone or tablet to give a traditional boardgame a digital twist.

10. Bake Some Cakes and Cookies

Cakes and cookies are really easy to make and taste delicious which is why kids love making them so much! To make cakes and cookies you only need some basic ingredients which you might even be able to buy as part of a baking kit at the local grocery store. If you’re making cookies or biscuits then you could also buy some cookie cutters and decorations so you can decorate them too. Sprinkles and colored icing are always a popular choice.

11. Make a Scrapbook of Your Day or Holidays

If your children are on their summer break then one great way to capture all the fun moments you’ve had is to create and keep your very own scrap book or picture diary. Taking lots of pictures and printing them out so they can be stuck into the scrap book is a great way to get your children writing about what they’ve done, what they created and the things they enjoyed most. It’s great fun for them and it will give you something to keep too!

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