17 Study-from-Home Career Options for Moms

Being a mom can feel a lot like a full-time job when you consider all of the duties and responsibilities that come with it. Within that hectic daily lifestyle, the idea of studying for a future career path can seem daunting. While attending a university campus may not be an option for most moms, there are many online degree programs that will let you study and complete courses from home.

Imagine being able to work towards your degree while the kids take a nap. Having that kind of flexibility is a must for many parents who simply don’t have the time or ability to adhere to an offline schooling schedule. Being able to study from home also keeps you from having to cover the cost of childcare, which can add up to a significant expense over the course of a month.

Since tuition fees, materials, and other academic expenses can already be burdensome, having the option to earn a degree without needing an on-call babysitter is a luxury that every mom will appreciate. With that said, here are the top 17 study-from-home career options that moms everywhere should look into:

1. Nursing

Studying to become a nurse at home doesn’t just equip you with the credentials needed to launch a lucrative and stable career, it also gives you the skills needed to be a better caregiver and guardian for your children in emergency situations. Although some nursing specializations will require lab experience, an entry-level degree program that provides Registered Nurse (RN) certification can be completed in just 2 years via a fully online coursework. Numerous regional schools offer online programs, so you can earn your nursing degree through an accredited university from the comfort of home. For example, Texas Woman’s University offers one of the most popular online nursing degree programs.

2. Business Administration

A business administration degree equips you with a skill set and credential that will position you as an ideal candidate for high-paying managerial jobs. In addition, you’ll also be gaining the expertise needed to increase your chances of success within your own entrepreneurial endeavors. You can earn a bachelor’s degree in business administration in as little as two years and then study for your master’s degree in your spare time. Since most businesses are managed digitally nowadays, it makes sense that business administration courses can be completed 100% online.

3. Accounting

Accounting is another digital job that can be studied and performed remotely without being tied to any physical location. Plus, as an accountant you’ll be able to give your kids solid financial advice as you get older. This is a good career option for moms who did well in math class and don’t mind crunching some numbers in their spare time. Accounting is a mom-friendly job because it can be done from anywhere you can access the internet and use an accounting software. Plus, you’ll have the option of becoming a CPA at a local accounting firm if you’d prefer a more stable and structured approach.

4. Hospitality

The hospitality industry never stops growing because it expands along with the population and tourism rates, which are always on the rise. Knowing how to manage a hospitality venue will give you the ability to apply for a job as a hotel manager in your area. This is a good route for moms to consider because many employers in this sector will provide room & board to their managers, including full room service and on-site childcare. While that won’t be the case in all hotels, certain luxury establishments offer very cozy accommodations for their managers and administrators. Since hospitality management is mostly a digital process, degree programs in this field can be completed entirely online.

5. Human Resources

Every large company has a human resources (HR) department, so there’s an ever-growing need for qualified HR professionals in every industry. With the advent of HR software and cloud-based project management platforms, managing an HR department no longer involves dealing with stacks of paper at a desk or a cubicle. Salaries in this industry can vary widely from $50,000 to $100,000 or more, but there are usually a decent number of remote jobs available as well. Plus, as a mom you’re already managing human resources on a very small scale within your own home, so it’s a career that plays into your maternal instincts as an intuitive planner and provider.

6. Marketing

Marketing is one of the most universally applicable degree types because it gives you a skill that can help any business succeed. You also don’t necessarily need to earn a degree to be considered a marketing expert, as there are many online courses and certifications that you can add to your resume in just a few weeks or months. Any proven expertise in marketing will improve your chances of being hired a high-level employee because entrepreneurs want to put their companies in the hands of people who understand advertising & promotion in all its forms.

7. Healthcare Administration

Healthcare administration is another job that’s primarily performed on the computer, so there are plenty of fully online study options to choose from with this career path. During your online studies, you’ll be learning how to manage and supervise healthcare facilities like hospitals and clinics. Entry-level healthcare administrators earn about $50,000. However, with a few years of experience, that figure increases to $70,000 - $100,000. According to a report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of jobs available in this sector is expected to increase by 23% within a decade.

8. Communication

A degree in communication makes you a more eligible candidate for so many different jobs, as there are many specializations to choose from within this field. For example, you could specialize in business communications or telecommunication. Generally, hiring mangers tend to favor applicants with communication degrees because all forms of business require communication in one form or another. With most kinds of business communication being digitally based nowadays, it’s possible to complete a full communications degree program from the convenience of your laptop. Being a strong communicator will also help you perform better in job interviews and communicate with your kids in a more constructive manner.

9. Graphic Design

Many moms have a passion for art but have never thought about turning it into a career. The demand for custom artwork and graphic design has never been higher, as there are millions of entrepreneurs and businesses that need logos, websites, and other visual components to complete their branding efforts. Since graphic design is purely a digital activity, every degree program in his field of study can be completed fully online. If you’re not ready to commit to 2 years of studying graphic design, you could opt for course certification instead and have a resume-boosting credential in a matter of weeks or months.

10. Web Development

Becoming a web developer is an interesting option for moms to consider because it’s a creative career that is almost always done remotely. The degree itself can help you land a job, but the biggest advantages of pursuing this path come from the skills that you obtain. Being able to design your websites and offer web development services as a freelancer will give you a level of flexibility and control over your schedule that any mom would enjoy. Plus, your kids can help you with your work by providing their opinions and feedback.

11. Fitness Trainer

You might think that you’d need to attend a gym to become a certified fitness trainer, but that’s not necessarily the case. You can take online fitness classes and become certified in the same way you would through a local gym by using video chat interfaces to interact with your instructor. As a certified fitness expert, you’ll be able to apply for jobs at gyms and physical therapy clinics, or you can start your own online fitness training service as a freelancer.

12. Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)

Any kind of degree related to language can be earned online, but teaching English is one that aligns well with your goal of being a better educator as a mom. Furthermore, this kind of degree can give you the opportunity to travel abroad with your family, or you can choose to provide remote tutoring services through various online platforms. TESOL teachers are in high demand worldwide due to the rapid adoption of English as a universal language. Developing nations are in need of TESOL experts, so you’ll always have a job waiting on you. Plus, this kind of degree program isn’t as complicated as other English-related educational courses because the topics are meant to be introductory enough for speakers of other languages to understand.

13. Writing & Journalism

Writing is a job that you can always take with you anywhere you can bring a device or notepad. Many moms leverage journalism and writing degrees to become column writers for online magazines or other remote writing jobs. Most writers are freelancers, so you’ll not only be able to study from home, you’ll also have the option of working from home throughout your career. You can also use your newfound writing skills to start a blog or produce your own web content for entrepreneurial efforts.

14. Information Technology

Information technology (IT) is a fast-growing industry that is in desperate need of more credentialed professionals. As another digitally oriented job, becoming an IT expert gives you the flexibility of studying and working remotely. It will also make you part of the minority of moms who are tech-savvy on a professional level. Furthermore, let’s not forget that IT administrators can earn very desirable salaries. There are an estimated 500,000 open computing jobs available at this very moment, and that number is growing every year.

15. Education

Most education degrees can be earned fully online and can then be used to land work-from-home teaching and tutoring jobs. The world needs more educators, and your kids need you to be the best educator you can be around the house, so you’ll be helping society and your little ones becomes smarter, one textbook at a time. Of course, teaching is always a kid-friendly career, and with how badly teachers are needed in today’s world, you might even wind up teaching your own child's classroom. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistic reported that there would be nearly 2 million teaching jobs available from 2014 to 2024.

16. Engineering

The thought of a mom working as an engineer might seem uncommon, but this is a worthwhile study-from-home career option nonetheless. Between civil engineering, mechanical engineering, and industrial engineering, there are more than 750,000 engineering jobs available right now. Being a mom and an engineer can be quite the balancing act, but it’s doable nonetheless. Besides, with the hefty salaries and prestigious positions available in this field, becoming an engineer is an achievement that any mom would be proud of.

17. Diet & Nutrition

Having a professional understanding of diet & nutrition will help you give better advice to your kids while also equipping you with a job that is in high-demand everywhere. Nutritionists and dietitians earn high salaries and their jobs are relatively easy once the advanced tenets of healthy and holistic eating are learned. The number of dietitian and nutritionist jobs available in the U.S. is expected to grow by 11% between 2018 and 2028. Studying and Working from Home as a Mom Won’t Necessarily Be Easy Most people who study or work for home make the initial mistake of taking a very lackadaisical approach to their own schedule. While it might seem like you have the freedom to “choose your own hours,” if you actually want to graduate and proceed with your career in a reasonable amount of time, then you’ll need to set specific deadlines and goals to keep advancing at a decent pace. Ultimately, self-paced programs could wind up taking longer than on-campus classes if you don’t have the discipline to take the same kind of structured approach.

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