Three Awesome Things You Can Do From Home

By Shanell Mouland © 2016

A lot of parents today choose to stay home to care for their children – especially with autism in the family. I, too, made this same decision a few years ago for my family. Staying home does not mean you cannot still take on awesome projects and be incredibly productive. There are actually many great things you can do from home and I'd like to take a look at a few of them here.

Start a Blog

One of the reasons I started Go Team Kate is because I wanted to share my experiences and knowledge with the rest of the world. Writing is (un)surprisingly soothing and can help you get a lot of things off your chest. The experiences you have today are also useful for others in the future, making sharing them that much more rewarding.

Besides, blogging is now easier than ever. You can get a hosting account and your own domain name for as little as $1 per month. There are even free services such as that you can use right away. Don’t know what to write about? Start with a journal. Soon, you’ll find a niche you can focus on and can share a lot of valuable information with your readers.

Open an Online Business

A blog is a great start when you’re relatively new to establishing an online presence, but don’t just stop there. A lot of moms are actually making a lot of money running an online business. It doesn’t have to be a particularly difficult or complicated business to run too. If you love baking, for instance, you can start marketing your homemade cookies online.

There are plenty of opportunities to try these days. Reselling existing products can be a good source of income. So can making your own – usually DIY-related products or crafts – and getting together with friends to produce an even wider range of items. You can also sell services online to earn money on a regular basis.

Go Back to School

Thanks to the wonders of distance learning, it is now easy to pursue a degree of your dreams without leaving the comfort of your house. Universities such as Bradley University are opening up courses in everything from management, and business administration, to counseling degrees online. The latter is particularly interesting, as an online counseling degree can turn your love for helping people - and working with children - into a very rewarding career.

Getting started with an online course is just as easy. You can start by picking the right program based on your interests, or the future you would like to pursue. You can then go through the enrollment process and can start the course in no time. Completing classwork, and earning a degree is even easier now that you can rely on online learning platforms to get course materials, access to lecturers, and other aids.

There are plenty of other great things you can do from home. Working with your kids in the home does not have to mean becoming less productive in other areas of your life. The key is finding an activity you love and taking that first step.

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