5 Traveling Tips Every Traveler Should Know

The list for traveling tips, tricks and hacks is endless. As people travel, experience and grow, they have more to share with the rest. Traveling is all about enjoying and exploring yourself, while you take a break from the routine.

While you're out doing so, you don't want to be stuck with unforeseen circumstances. Which is why, we have compiled a list of traveling tips that will prepare you well for your upcoming holiday.

1. Keep your First Aid Traveling Kit

No. We're not talking about the conventional band-aids, gauze, scissors, ointments and medicines. (Hell Yeah that's important too). Here, we refer to your ultimate travel essentials: chargers, headphones, and sleep masks.

Another tip is to always carry replaceable items while travelling. Whether its your original branded headphones or chargers, or your diamond rings, don't risk losing these valuables by taking them with you. Instead, look for cheaper replacements, that don't spoil your trip, if misplaced. For example, if you are not comfortable carrying your expensive headsets with you, you can easily find a good pair of earphones for $50 or less.

2. Always Review Flights Baggage Policy

If you're a frequent traveler, you must have figured this out for yourself by now. However, if you're a first time traveler, you need to be very careful when it comes to airline baggage policy. Most of the time, this varies according to your travel destination.

Look for what bag dimensions are allowed, luggage allowance, what quantity of liquids, creams or lotions, you can carry with you, and what exactly do they categorize as liquids and solids. This saves your time in security clearances by not having to open each and every one of your suitcases.

3. Don't Keep Valuables at One Place

While many people would suggest carrying a travel wallet with you, to keep all your belongings at one place, travel experts beg to differ. Since travel experts roam around the world, they're aware of the misfortunes that can occur, theft being on top of the list.

Most people keep their passports in their travel wallets too. Losing your passport means ruining your entire trip. One way to tackle that is by storing your important documents and cash at different locations, instead of keeping them together. If you have a bad memory, you can always note this down in your smartphone.

4. Get Travel Insurance

While many people argue over the benefit of travel insurance, truth is that it has got you covered while you're in crisis. Depending on the package you select, travel insurance covers for any injuries and accidents during your journey. On top of that, some insurance companies cover for flight cancellation or missed flights as well.

Many travel insurances even allow you to avail 24 hour emergency services abroad. Sure, it can not avoid the misfortunes from taking place, but getting monetary compensation for your loss is the best thing you could ask for, in such times.

5. Stay in Hostels instead of Hotels

Hotels across the world offer similar standards of service so you might not be able to live and experience the culture of your travel destination to the fullest, by staying in one. Therefore, we advise, that if you're not on a trip solely for luxury and comfort, you stay in hostels and apartments. 

Secondly, if you're traveling on a budget, you don't need to bear the additional expense of hoteling. Since you'll only be spending little time (probably to sleep and store bags only) in whatever accommodation you decide on, why not go for the cheaper one?

You can always download apps like AirBnB to look for reasonably priced apartments, guesthouses and hostels and save yourself a generous amount.

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