Breastfeeding and Working Moms Dilemma

Breastfeeding and Working Moms Dilemma

Inviting a new baby into the family is a blessing, and breastfeeding is the most rewarding experience. For all of human history, babies have breastfed for several years, as natural weaning unfolded. However, today when many mothers work away from baby, it can be difficult to maintain a breastfeeding relationship. Even newborn needs a constant touch with their mother and should be regularly fed. So how can a working mother strike out a balance between work life and baby care? Here are some of the options that will help to nourish baby and also let you work guilt free:

➢ Electric Breast Pump: An ideal way to feed your baby when you must be away is with your milk that has been pumped and frozen. It will not only help the baby feel you are around and nourish him, but will also empty the breasts at regular intervals so that milk duct clogs and mastitis do not enter the picture. You can shop for electric pumps and other baby related accessories at a budgeted price with voucher codes from

➢ Flexible Work Timings: Talk with your boss and strike a deal with work times that are fewer apart from baby, and evenly distributed throughout the week. Ask if most of the work can be done from home, or visit the office on alternate days to attend meetings or assign work. It will help you to spend time with the baby and also concentrate on work and deadlines.

➢ Nursery in Office: If you are working in a company that is mom-friendly it is a boon. You can consult your boss to arrange to bring baby to work with you. This is a situation that has become much more popular (even in political settings) as feeding our babies, and mothering in general, becomes more valued. A crèche or a small nursery where you can visit at regular intervals and breastfeed is another option.

➢ Breastfeeding Friendly Clothes: If you are allowed to take your child to the office, opt for clothes that allow for ease of nursing your baby. Buttoned shirts, tanks, and nursing bras can make breastfeeding easy and comfortable while at work. You can check discounts on Gossards or Bravissimo for designer, yet comfortable, maternity wear or nursing bras.

➢ A Nurse at Night: Breastfeeding through the night (and on cue during all hours home with baby) is one way that many mothers breastfeed for a full duration of years, while also working away from home. In this way the baby will get nutrients from mother’s milk that are essential for baby’s baseline growth and development, and supplementation can be used, as needed, during hours apart in the day. It is natural for a breastfeeding baby to boost his/her feeding when with mom, and reduce feeding while apart from mom.

➢ Sleep Together: Safe cosleeping is the solution for most working/nursing mothers. Sleep together as much as possible. It is said that a baby should sleep within an arm's reach of parents until the age of 5. This not only allows for secure attachment formation, but it also reduces night time fears in little ones, keeps milk production high, and allows for regulation of a baby's hormonal and respiratory rhythms. Working mothers who have to be apart from their babies during the day come to love night time snuggles that come with cosleeping.

To conclude, life does not stop after childbirth, but we need all the options we are able to get so that babies and mothers feel close, connected, and can both be well nourished (body and soul) while mom is working, too.


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