Going Back to College: How to Make Time for Your Kids as You Study

Going Back to College: How to Make Time for Your Kids as You Study 

Although college is generally seen as the next step up for high school graduates, the number of adults returning to education later in life is on the rise. With tuition fees higher than ever before, many high schoolers decide to pursue a career instead of a college degree and go to school later in life when they are in a better financial position to afford doing so. On the other hand, graduates make up a huge chunk of adult learners; many people who graduated from college in their early 20s decide to go back and build upon their education after years, or even decades, of being a part of the workforce. Moreover, good social work essay writing services are available online, so you don’t need to worry if you happen to be very busy at some point.

Among adult learners are many parents. Working toward a bachelor's or master's degree can significantly improve career prospects, and enable parents to give their family a better life. Yet juggling studies and parenthood can be difficult; so how can you be sure to make time for your little ones and avoid missing out on seeing them grow up as you study?

Tip #1 - Study for an Online Degree 

Many of us today have no idea what we ever did without the internet. Younger people may not even remember a time when it wasn’t around. Going online can help us with a range of different tasks from working to buying and selling, and getting a degree is no different. In the digital age, it’s entirely possible to study for your entire master's in social work online. Students can choose their own study times and work from home – this makes it far easier to spend more time with your children and eliminates the guilt that comes with being away from them and in class for a large chunk of the day.

Tip #2 - Schedule in Family Time 

Whether you’re hoping to get on to one of the many reputable online MSW programs available, or decide to take the traditional route of on-campus classes, it’s important to have a schedule to stick to, helping you to stay on top of your work and divide your time between each of your commitments.

Don’t forget, however, that making time for breaks and having fun with your family is as important - not just for your children, but also for you, as all work and no play can lead to exhaustion! It’s a good idea to make sure that you take at least one weekend day off, for example, to do something fun as a family together.

Tip #3 - Study Together 

If your little ones are in school, you can use this to your advantage by studying together! While your children are getting on with their homework, you can sit with them and do your own revisions and college work – this will mean that you’re able to spend some time together, and even learn different things from each other. It also allows mom or dad to keep an eye on the kids and make sure that their homework is completed, too.

Going back to college as a parent has several benefits, but it has the potential to steal away precious time spent with our children if we don't take proactive steps to avoid this. Did these tips help? We’d love to hear from you in the comments.


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