Top ways to recycle old electronics and gadgets you don’t need anymore

Top ways to recycle old electronics and gadgets you don’t need anymore

Electronics are never in this world for long. Either you ditch old gear because you’ve got yourself a nice little upgrade, or it becomes ancient and doesn’t work properly anymore. As easy as it is to get rid of old gadgets, it’s equally as easy to dispose of old electronics the wrong way.

Gadgets and electronic devices require special care as far as throwing them out is concerned. So what are we supposed to do if we can’t just throw them into the trash? For starters, you should check out for up to date information about recycling.

Next, look into the rest of this article as we go more in-depth about the various solutions available for electronics recycling, and how you can go about ridding yourself of old gear. There is more than one way to get this job done, and you have the convenience of choosing the one that’s easiest for your situation and available resources.  Let’s start with the basics:

Never throw in the trash

Whenever you have electronics that need to be disposed of, reconsider throwing them in the trash. If you do that, these gadgets will end up with all the rest of the garbage which will be piled up and burned. The problem is, electronic devices usually contain toxic substances (among the most toxic known to man, actually) which get released into the environment through burning. That’s why it’s so important to take special care of how we dispose of them.


This is one of the best ways in which you can get rid of stuff you don’t want. If you have electronics that still work but are just too outdated for your needs, donate them. You might afford an upgrade, but there are plenty of people out there that have never had a laptop or tablet device, not to mention a smartphone. Since you don’t need them anyway, give them to someone who will make good use of them for as long as they remain functional.

Give it back to the manufacturer

In most places, manufacturers also provide recycling solutions. They provide recycling programs that offer a safe and beneficial disposal solution so you can pretty much dump the old gadgets from the same place where you bought them. It’s convenient. Check to see which manufacturers in your area provide such services and where you can take your stuff.


These are recycling networks which provide recycling assistance for broken and old gadgets and electronics. They are offering their services to people in a particular area/jurisdiction, so that you may safely and correctly dispose of your electronics when needed. Check and see if your area has such advantageous opportunities for recycling.

Variety stores

There are many stores like Best Buy which are more than glad to take your old electronics. In some cases, you can even get a discount on modern devices off of that, so it’s even better. Of course, this differs from store to store and whether or not they offer any discount or promotion. At the very least, you get rid of your old electronic devices.

Why bother?

In case you are wondering why you should even bother with finding a proper recycling point or service for your old tech, consider this: Each time devices like laptops and smartphones are recycled, necessary resources are recovered from these devices like gold, silver, and copper. These then go into the making of new phones and laptops, so you are contributing to the manufacturing of your new smartphone or notebook. There’s also that little environmental issue -- if we don’t stop polluting, we’ll run out of a planet to keep destroying.

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